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Online Dating at Every year, hundreds of thousands of people find love on pioneered the Internet dating industry, launching in 1995 and today serves millions of singles in 24 continues to redefine the way single men and single women meet, flirt, date and fall in love, proving time and again that you can make love happen through online dating ... Profiles are a lot more in-depth than most online dating sites and if you answer a seemingly endless series of questions (much like a personality test), they will spit out a reasonable Match/Enemy ... Some dating sites simply make its tools pink and call it a lesbian dating site. PinkSofa isn’t like that. This is a values-driven dating network prioritizing comfort, friendliness, privacy, authenticity, and social awareness. Through a location-based search, single women can meet one another and find solidarity in the lesbian community online Best Dating Sites of 2020. Below are the best dating sites and apps of 2020, as tested and reviewed by our experts. Try any of these top online dating websites 100% free, and gain access to millions of singles looking for a potential match, hookup, or serious relationship: Dating Sites, A-Z, A. A list of dating sites with rating, gender-mix, category and number of members. Millions of singles agree that is one of the best dating sites & trusted personals to find a date, make new friends, and meet local women and men. List of dating sites from A to Z. Looking for a specific dating site? Received a recommendation or seen an advert and want to learn more about it? Look no further. Below is a list of all our reviews in alphabetical order. If you notice anything missing and would like more information on it, feel free to let us know at:

5 tips for successful dating online

2020.09.07 15:59 annabutochnikova 5 tips for successful dating online

5 tips for successful dating online
Dating online has never been easy (but we hope that with Promenad it has become slightly easier). Here are some tips that will help you to find your perfect match online.
  1. Double check if you are ready to start dating Sometimes we are just not ready to commit – a recent break up or important personal goals to focus on. Wrong timing can ruin the whole experience
  2. Create a good dating profile Put some efforts, ask your friend to make nice pictures of you, think of genuine and interesting description
  3. Think of smart and funny opening lines Conversation with a stranger is not an easy thing, takes some efforts to draw attention of another person online
  4. Decide what kind of person you want to meet An idea of what kind of person you are looking for will help you to stay focused and find the right person among numerous profiles
  5. Look for a perfect dating app Well, this is an easy one. We have a hint for you – starts with P, ends with D
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2020.08.26 16:39 annabutochnikova Dating with no pressure

Dating with no pressure
Why it might be hard to find love using traditional dating apps that are based on swiping? Because after a short chat two strangers are going on a date. During a couple of hours two people have to find out if they like each other and this kills all joy and sincerity. People are acting not in a natural way and you wrong conclusions can be made. It’s like a walk in the darkness, only few lucky ones will reach the light.
On Promenad people don’t swipe. People use wide search settings and find people with the same interests and the same goals. They can go on a date, but also they can do sports together, can go on a trip or do anything else without a pressure of being on a date. This is the perfect way to establish sympathy, friendship or even love.
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2020.07.30 17:01 FeelingDesigner Online dating and the dogger phenomenon!

We probably all have used some form of online dating once. To find a partner or date or a casual fling, maybe even to simply try it out. A new phenomenon that can be spotted is the dogger. Now, what is a dogger?
The dogger will be very easy to spot as the first picture includes and is not limited to; them holding their dog, walking a dog, French kissing their dog, hugging their dog... Sometimes even just a picture of the dog on its own!
A profile of the dogger includes stuff like “If my dog doesn’t like you we can’t be together” and “If you don’t like dogs swipe right” and of course a classic like “me and my dog are a package deal”.
When interacting with the dogger it might feel like you are dating their dog. Don’t worry, you kind of are. The dogger’s life revolves around their dog and they won’t shy away of telling you that they would save and pick their dog over you any day.
If you do wan’t to interact with a dogger it is best to never criticize or expect to be more important than the four legged animal. Doing so will often result in the dogger deleting you from their life permanently.
When dating a dogger it is very important that you show affection towards your date’s other half. The dog, as this animal is like what a prosthetic leg is to a handicapped person. An extension of themself. Be ready to both date the dog and the person because that is what you will be dealing with for the rest of your life.
Doggers are often very interesting folks with hobbies not limited to, watching their favourite show with the dog, walking the dog, playing with the dog... did I mention they have a dog? Make sure to forget about goals or your own hobbies as the dog will now be god and you will be praying to it at least five times a day.
Doggers can be found on many datingsites and come in all ages and gender! Make sure to say hi if you come across one!
Have you met any doggers? Dated one? Maybe even married one? Feel free to share your experience in the comments!
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2020.07.20 22:42 LittleMissEmmet Unsolved but still pretty clear who did it, case: Linda and Mats

On mobile and English is not my first language, soz...
Here goes a case that twisted my stommach more than once.. Do mind this person went to media so I could easily say full name but won't.
Mats and Linda met on a datingsite in march 2008. After only few weeks they move in together at Linda's place.
May, same year, Mats proposes to Linda and they are planning to get married August 2009.
Then, a summerday 2009, 8 days before their planned wedding, the police recieve a phonecall from Mats saying his fiancee is missing...
..He stated to the police, that it was not normal that Linda would'nt show up, and not normal that she wasn't answering phonecalls at 3 am.
According to Mats, she went to work 1st of August at 11 AM and came home at 4 PM.
At 4:30 PM Mats said they went to a store together and after went out on a roadtrip to check for sites to show their weddingguests (?).
At evening 10 PM that day, Mats said she was going out with friends (this have not been verified at all with any of her friends or family when police looked into her phone and questioning everyone close to her).
.. .Now Mats goes to media and exposes his full name, face and telling everyone how concerned he is about his fiancee...
...But even more questionmarks are rising...
... Then when time goes.... Mats updates the police with this:
Someone knocked on his door, made him swallow pills, and after a chain of very questionable events, he wakes up next to Linda's body that is on fire on a countryside road (---> although he is spotted on camera whilst riding a bus to the site but it could not be proven 100% it was him).......
Mats was found guilty only for vioaltion of the peace, spending a few months in jail and are living free somewhere.. Noone have been found/convicted yet for Linda's murder..
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2020.07.13 12:57 annabutochnikova Choose your purpose of meeting people

Choose your purpose of meeting people
We realize that dating in 2020 can be very diverse and not everyone is looking for long-term relationship. So we suggest you several purposes of looking for new people:
Fun Friendship Chat (we have realized the importance of this simple interaction during the pandemic)
Relationship Travel Sport Networking
We added a filter by purposes so that you can find people with the same goals.
And who knows what can grow out of doing sports together or travelling together. At least a nice social experience and hopefully a new amazing friendship or even love!
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2020.07.02 01:52 backlinkskopen SEO Content Strategies

Top 10 tools voor Bulletproof SEO Content Strategies
Wilt u kogelvrije SEO-inhoudsstrategieën maken? Leer het type data te identificeren dat u nodig heeft en de beste tool om het te ontsluiten met deze diepgaande tool review.

Elke SEO heeft een volledig gevuld arsenaal aan tools nodig om de dagelijkse workflows te ondersteunen.
Net zoals technische SEO-tools ons helpen bij het identificeren van kritische gebieden voor technische optimalisaties, helpen content-tools bij het identificeren van belangrijke gebieden voor content-optimalisaties.
Het kiezen van de juiste tool om toe te voegen aan uw workflow hangt grotendeels af van de manier waarop u de gegevens wilt gebruiken.
Bij contentoptimalisatie weten we allemaal dat de eerste stap het identificeren van de opportuniteit is, maar er is nog een tweede cruciale stap nodig vooraleer deze tegen de opportuniteit in uit te voeren: het begrijpen van de context.
In dit artikel leert u hoe u de vraag "Welk type data heb ik nodig?" kunt beantwoorden en wat de beste tools zijn om die data te ontsluiten.
Deze tools bieden gegevens om het niveau van de opportuniteit te evalueren:

BrightEdge Data Cube: SERP-functies, trefwoordonderzoek en concurrentieanalyse.
Geavanceerde Web Rankings (AWR): Deel van de stem en SERP-zichtbaarheid.
SEMrush: Snel, uitgebreid organisch overzicht.
Trefwoord planner: Trefwoord onderzoek.
Ahrefs: Concurrerende inhoudelijke kloof.
En deze middelen leveren ondersteunend bewijs om inzichten te versterken:
Google Trends: Zoektrends en het identificeren van zoekgedrag verschuift.
BuzzSumo: Trending social topics, vragen en gerelateerde content.
Mintel: Inzichten van de consument en de industrie.
eMarketeer: Trends in de media die invloed kunnen hebben op organische zoekopdrachten of die schommelingen in de prestaties kunnen verklaren die worden veroorzaakt door niet-organische factoren.
Denk met Google: Inzichten in marktonderzoek en datapunten.
Welk type gegevens heeft u nodig?
Misschien denkt u dat dit een rudimentaire vraag is, maar weten wat uw gegevensbehoeften zijn kan soms lastig zijn.

Als u de reden waarom u op zoek bent naar data niet evalueert, kunt u mogelijk urenlang in het onkruid zitten zonder dat u zich dat realiseert.

Dus, denk na over je behoeften voordat je urenlang doorbrengt in een konijnenhol in een gereedschap dat je eigenlijk niet nodig had.

Heb ik ontdekkingsgegevens nodig?
Ontdekkingsgegevens helpen bij het evalueren van opportuniteitsgebieden in een landschap door middel van trefwoordonderzoek, site prestatie-indicatoren en concurrentie-analyses.

Als u probeert om doeltermen te vinden, de prestaties van de site te diagnosticeren, specifieke aandachtsgebieden te begrijpen, of de competitieve ruimte te evalueren, begin dan hier.

Heb ik ondersteunende gegevens nodig?
Ondersteunende gegevens versterken de inzichten die worden gevonden in de ontdekkingsgegevens door extra context en bewijs te leveren in het landschap of het doelpubliek.

Als u probeert de dynamiek te begrijpen, zoals de redenen waarom de prestatiemetingen op vreemde momenten zijn gedompeld, het gebruik van onverwachte of ongebruikelijke zoektermen of onderwerpen, bewijs van verschuivingen in verkeerspatronen, of andere omgevingsfactoren die kunnen hebben bijgedragen aan de prestaties van de website, begin dan hier.

Zodra u het type gegevens begrijpt dat u nodig hebt, is het eenvoudig om het te ontsluiten als u weet waar u moet zoeken.

Laten we er in springen en de 10 contentbronnen identificeren waar we niet zonder kunnen in het nieuwe tijdperk van content SEO.

Hulpmiddelen voor het ontdekken
Ontdekking is waarschijnlijk ingebakken in alles wat je doet, en je hebt waarschijnlijk een solide gereedschapsset die je dagelijks gebruikt.

Voordat u een contentstrategie ontwikkelt, moet u ontdekkingsgegevens gebruiken om u te helpen het concurrentielandschap en de beschikbare mogelijkheden te begrijpen.

Hier zijn onze top vijf van content-tools en wat volgens ons het beste gebruik is voor elk van hen tijdens het ontdekkingsproces.

  1. 1. BrightEdge Data Cube
Belangrijkste gereedschapswaarde: SERP-functie-analyse, bulk trefwoordonderzoek en concurrentie-analyse

Bekroonde PPC-optimalisatie. Gratis voor 30 dagen.
Beheer en optimaliseer eenvoudig uw Google-, Facebook- en Microsoft-accounts met Adzooma.

Probeer het gratis
Als u niet zeker weet in welk aspect van de inhoud u zich wilt verdiepen, kan BrightEdge Data Cube de oplossing zijn die u nodig heeft.

BrightEdge is een van onze favoriete uitgebreide tools voor trefwoordonderzoek, concurrentieanalyse en de evaluatie van de resultaten van zoekmachines (SERP).

Het enige wat u nodig heeft om uw ontdekkingsproces te beginnen is een relevante URL (wij raden u aan om die van u of een naaste concurrent te gebruiken).

Zodra u uw geselecteerde domein hebt ingeplugd, kunt u de trefwoordranglijst in de loop van de tijd bekijken, de prestatiegegevens op paginaniveau, de contentmogelijkheden en de prevalentie van de SERP-functie.

Top 10 tools voor Bulletproof SEO Content Strategies
Met een steeds wisselende SERP is het belangrijk om de ranglijst van uw site (en uw concurrenten) op verschillende locaties in de SERP te blijven volgen.

Een handige functie die Data Cube biedt is het tabblad Content Strategies.

Het tabblad Content Strategies rapporteert de historische prestaties van trefwoorden voor verschillende soorten organische SERP-functies, waaronder afbeeldingen, snelle antwoorden en People Also Ask.
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2020.06.19 06:36 HumanVeridis Ervaring met datingsites/apps voor homo's

Beste redditors!
Even kort voorstellen! 22,gay en student.
Ik ben compleet nieuw op de datingscene en van wat ik kan teruglezen in oudere reddit posts en de (horror) verhalen van kennissen die TindeGrindr hebben gebruikt was ik benieuwd of er andere homo's zijn die goeie ervaringen hebben gehad met een andere datingsite/app/vereniging etc..
(Het gaat mij puur om het ontmoeten van nieuwe mensen en niet om alleen seks.)
Alvast bedankt voor alle hulp!
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2020.05.31 07:54 Nataneh "You will like it eventually, you just need to find the right guy." - says family members. How can I make them take me seriously?

Hi everyone.
Im a 22f, north of europe. .
To summarize what im asking if u dont wanna read my blabber: I get men who want to date me, this is not something i struggle with. However i do not want a relationship most men want... How do i convince them, and others that sex is not of interest to me? They always seem to think they can change me, and if not that that i will eventually change. Then i feel bad because I don't give them something they seem to need. Because i do tell them from the start that im axesual.. but i dont get believed by them, nor my family no matter how i say it.
Ive been struggeling with this for a while now. The fact that i do not care for sex and it having been something ive never cared for. Only finding the word that fit such a description when I was 19 (2017) im now 22. When ive tried explaining how I don't care for it to older family members or people who arent my generation.. They just say that i will get kids eventually and that i will find that guy i will like it with.
Lets be clear i have had boyfriends and that before, and ive done it 5 years ago. it has nothing to do with me having done it either. i just did it because i felt obligated to, and it made him happy so why not. but its really really something id rather avoid...
I suppose the advice im looking for with this is what to do about the fact that i dont have those feelings. Especially when it comes to dating, because id like to date but i dont like the expection of sex. even if i tell the person that likes me and i like them (ive meet them elsewhere not datingsite). A lot of them seem to accept that i dont care for sex at the start, then slowly get impatient.
Everyone seemes to think this is a phase! but how can it be if its been like this since i can remember?? and im 22 now. i wasnt even really properly aware before i was 19!! that sex was something that everyone craved all the time and that it was needed a lot and often in relationships.
Note: I do not care much for food, alcohol, drugs or any of that stuff either. The only diagnosis i have is adhd with hyperactivity diagnosed a bit less than a year ago. idk if its relevant but yeah. i just thought that it might be a bit weird/strange i dont enjoy stuff other people enjoy. Even though im happy as a person, and would consider myself for the most part positive.
How do i explain to others that how i view things especially regarding sexuality is not the same as others? and how do i make them understand i do not want sex?
And how do i respond to peoples comments of; wow, you dont enjoy sex, food or alcohol? how miserable is that. (a 50 year old woman commented this to me). I simply said that im happy without. but something i want is a partner!! that doesnt pressure me. i know that i babbled a lot in the text.. but yeah im just getting frustrated
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2020.04.14 02:33 Steven1863 The childfree dating site IdoNOTwantKids is back online!

In case anyone was wondering what happened to the childfree dating site IdoNOTwantKids, it was down for a while, but now it's back online! This might be a good resource for anyone seeking a childfree relationship.
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2020.02.15 10:53 2MOCHI4H8 there is hope!

I was on this datingsite for a while, but no one really seemed like my type or was too far away. But around 10 pm I started getting into a conversatiom with this guy and we have so much in common, you wouldn't believe it!
We kept talking through out the night and told each other we had taken interest in each other. Around 3.30 pm we were so close I asked him to marry me and he said yes X3.
We went to sleep around 5 pm or so.
we are weebs like horror and gore cosplay similar music taste♡ we game from time to time artistic love south park have gone through major depression had a toxic ex draw/ design love memes are night owls and have the same humor >▪<
guys I think I'm in love ♡▪♡ there is hope!!!
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2020.02.10 23:26 tributingrn Mixed signals? [18M]

I friended this pretty cute girl a while back on a datingsite, we have been talking over snap for a little while now, and when we were about to meet up last week she cancelled last second, also when we were about to call she freaked out last second and said she wanted to wait a little while longer? So id say she isnt interested? But she does send some flirty text messages and pictures so im kinda getting mixed signals about this, we have talked about her being pretty shy, how would i get to know her better through snap cause i have no idea
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2020.02.10 06:47 Free_Date How to choose the best Online Dating site for you?
#Onlinedating #datingsites
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2019.12.17 15:50 MailOrderAsian What do you think of Asian girls?

What do you think of Asian girls?
What do you think of Asian girls?
Write at comments👇👇

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2019.11.20 16:33 sjtimmer7 Hate and resentment towards my mother is eating me away from within(this will tke a while, if you need to go pee, go now)

I live in The Netherlands, so not everything is something you recognise, because I'm no American. Also, it's because my family is... well, I hate to start this with a curse.
My mom, born in '59, younger twinsister, grew up in a Reformatoric family. In the church she went to with the family, there was actually a plate by the entrance that read: Women are requested to wear a hat. She married my dad when she was about 25, and I was born when she was 34. My brother was born roughly 5 years later. She was always protective of me, and later my brother, which is shown by the fact that she still went to school with us at an age where kids who lived farther away went on their own. Also, most of the deaths on her side of the family died of some form of cancer. She use to have a little sister in a wheelchair, who died young of leukemia. Her father died roughly a month after my first birthday, lungcancer(at this point she got medication for her fears, mainly fear to be left by everyone, because everyone just died out). Her mom died in 2013, cured from breastcancer, but then they found it had spread to her liver. Her uncle, husband to her mothers sister, died of leukemia.
When I was about 10 years old, I was diagosed with autism, PDD-NOS. Later on this was changed to Syndrom of Asperger(about a decade later). My mother was quite strict, and everytime I did something wrong, she deducted from my time I was allowed behind my computer. At some point i just went on shouting and cursing, because we ran out of computertime. And that's where the resentment started. When I was 12, and done with primary school, I went to a Reformatoric school, where they had a special class within the normal structure of classes in the school. I started my day there, and ended my day there, I ate there, and visited this classroom when we had a break. The idea was to spend as much time as possible in the regular class, and if something went wrong, the mentor of the other class jumped in to arrange something. We also made the tests in that classroom, so we could concentrate. My mom has done a lot to get me the indication, the bag of money needed to have that extra bit of help. And since my baptist names are Samuël Johannes(Prayed from God and that dude that was born with 90 year old parents, the one who preached in the desert, and got his head cut of as a birthdaypresent to the daughter of Herodes), I was her most precious thing in this world.
At some point my puberty kicked in, and my brother was causing problems, cause he wanted attention, and was always teasing and doing whatever. This was when I was 14, and it didn't stop until I was almost 18, and I was placed in a youthhostel like thing. A commune for young people who could no longer live at home. Between those years, fights broke out in our house. Arguments and rows almost everyday, sometimes several times a day, and usually when all 4 of us were home. We went to the organisation that gave me my diagnose, and in one of the first conversations my dad said we were there, because the loveplant between him and my mom was dead. My mom said it was because my brother was becoming more violent, my brother said he didn't know, and I said that we were 4 hotheads in a small house who did nothing but argue. At this point we got help. I went to a family about once a month for a weekend, my mom went to a resort to calm down for 3 weeks, and at some point someone of a mental healthcare organisation dropped by for an hour every 3 weeks to talk about what went on, and what we should change. At this point my father started to listen, and became more understanding of his autistic kid, le moi. My brother talked me into putting solid soap(in some sandform, ment to be used for laundry), in the poor womans coat pocket, and I had regular conversations with the woman in my room. My behaviour did not get much better, and my mom went off the rails a bit. More fights with her and my brother, because he pulled the plug on the main computer when it was my turn, so I hit him everytime he did it. And my mom became less understanding of me. Big time.
There were times she said stuff like "Je hebt helemaal geen autisme, je bent gewoon eigenwijs!", which translates to: "You don't have autism, you're just sticking to what you want". Also, there was the time she said: "Stomme autist! Lul!", which is basically the Dutch word for stupid, the name you call someone with autism, like we are all the same, and then the Dutch version of the word dick. As in the word penis, but used in namecalling. Meanwhile, the relationship between my mom and dad had reached the point of return, or actually abandon ship, but they had said to stay together "because of the kids". i had made a bet with my brother when I was about 15, saying: "i bet you €50,- they get divorced by the time it's summer." I was off by 3 years, but luckily my brother had forgotten we had made a bet. My mom had started dating via datingsites, mostly Christian, mostly just talking to people, but I was thinking a Dutch variation of "Are you yanking my pizzle?" We even went to a concert where one of the guys she had met on a site, was part of the choir. One day, we were watching a movie, my dad was(already) home, and my mom commented on a guy in the movie she thought was attractive or something, or was her type. When I asked her about "that man", pointing to my dad, she said: "that's not my man!" Man can be the synonim of husband in this context.
Jumping to one of the most painful moments in the last year I lived at home: I had a fight with my mom, downstairs, and at some point, she ran upstairs, got a mop(not the one with dreadlocks, but the one where you need to put the cloth around a frame), ran downstairs, and charged at me with the mopping part ahead. I managed to wrestle it out of her control, and started stabbing her with it. I don't know how this ended, but in our household, only my brother and my dad have goten an injury: both a black eye. My brother has fallen down the stairs twice, i don't know how, but not during a fight between anyone, and my dad was installing a dishwasher when he got his. he was drilling a hole for the pipe, the drillpart got loose, and that's what I wrote about in primary school when we had to write a report about our Christmas holiday. Another incident was a fight upstairs. With my mom. We were yelling at eachother, I pushed her, and sunndenly she was yelling "Help, I'm being raped, he's sexually assaulting me, help!" Sexual assault is one word in Dutch, so that's why it sounds a bit stiff and long.
My problem with my mom is that I hate her for all those bad things she did and said, to me and to others. Like my dad. Last year, i realised I was the real life Charlie Harper, except I'm a virgin, I don't drink or do drugs, and I don't have a lot of money. I hate my mom, call her Satan, or start throwing with a family disease and the oldest profession in the history of the world, and stick the word narcissistic in front of it all. I haven't spoken to her in years. My brother is the Alan Harper. Still sees my mom, probably wants to be respected, and has tried to seek attention in the past by pulling the computerplug. My mom meanwhile, has emasculated my dad for the latter part of their marriage, doesn't give much of a rats behind about people's opinions about her, and it seems I have become like her. And i don't know if this is autism, genetics from my mom, or being raised by said Satan.
All I know is that I don't want to become like the person I hate, my mom, and I don't to live with hate, because it keeps me away from living my life. So... what do I need, both in people around me and personal discipline?
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2019.11.12 21:40 Job31v1 Resisted one hell of an urge and...

Was able to send a girl a reply via an online datingsite, later this evening, feeling free!
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2019.11.06 17:41 bingo77netherlands Tijd om over Nederland te gieten

Tijd om over Nederland te gieten
De gokwereld in Nederland ontwikkelt zich elk jaar. Het aantal gebruikers van datingsites in Nederland is in het jaar 2019 met 8,4% gestegen en de inkomsten in het segment van online daten in 2019 zijn 9 miljoen. Dollars.
Volgens statistieken voor 2018 het meest gebruikt door dergelijke bronnen, mensen in de leeftijd van 40 tot 65 jaar, gevolgd door bezoekers van 20 tot 40 jaar.
Nederland staat bekend als een staat die loyaal is aan de meest uiteenlopende soorten entertainment die in andere landen verboden zijn. Vreemd genoeg is gokken al een lange tijd een uitzondering op deze regel.
Ten slotte is in 2017 een nieuwe wet van kracht geworden, waardoor online gokken in het land de juridische status heeft gekregen. De volgende categorieën gokken zijn toegestaan in Nederland: sportweddenschappen, poker, kaart- en tafelspellen Casino, loterijen, bingo, gokautomaten en terminals.
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2019.11.01 13:33 asianbride_me Takeko is sexy vampire on Halloween this year.. vampire 🧛♀ ⠀ Are you dressing tonight for the party? YES or NO?

Takeko is sexy vampire on Halloween this year.. vampire 🧛♀ ⠀ Are you dressing tonight for the party? YES or NO?
Takeko is sexy vampire on Halloween this year..
Are you dressing tonight for the party?
YES or NO?
Write in comments!⚡️
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2019.10.31 16:12 Kikifromholland 26[f4a] from the Netherlands

Hello! My name is Kiki, i recently turned 26 and wanted to give this a try. I have been ghosted many times(without explanation) but the hopeless romantic in me does not want to give up! I live in the Netherlands and because of my illness I don’t meet a lot of new people. I have tried datingsites/apps for too long now and it has gotten me nowhere :( I am very sweet, a little naieve and a lot more, I even like dark humour! Also watching a lot of movies and series, and memes ofcourse :) I watch a lot of pewdiepie so secretly I am a nine year old If you want to know more about me don’t hesitate and send me a message! Love from the Netherlands, Kiki
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2019.10.25 14:41 asianbride_me Saura, 25🌹

Saura, 25🌹
Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off quote) Did you see her here?
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2019.10.03 15:24 asianbride_me

Taka, 22🍓
«My smile is contagious and so is my energy. I'm a gym rat, chess player, and volunteer community gardener, and I read all the historical fiction I can get my hands on. Let's laugh together . . .😘»
Text her on
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2019.07.30 14:07 toyboyinfo Get the experience of a #magicalrelationship with the help of ToyBoy.

Get the experience of a #magicalrelationship with the help of ToyBoy.
Older women can feel being young again by #dating a ToyBoy. Many women are looking forward to looking young and making a #bold move. Get in touch with the ToyBoy #datingsite to experience this
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2019.06.09 23:05 canbelboy Introduction - Slow gains

Written in April 2019
This is my last resort. This whole thing, this married red pill stuff will make or break me, one way or the other.
I’m exhausted, frustrated, angry.
This is my first post on here, although I have been reading a lot. I started lifting about 4 months ago. It’s a long read, so you fuckers might need a chair to sit this one out.
I am a 43y old man in a LTR with a 46 y old woman. We’ve been together for 23 years. We have two beautiful daughters (10 and 12). I met my wife at university when I was 20, she was a few years older and doing a post-grad. We fell in love and have been a couple ever since. I had sex with 2 other girls before I met my wife. She had the same number: two guys.
Most of the men on MRP went through the same scenario: hot and plenty of sex in the beginning, then gradually decreasing to (virtually) zero. My timeline is somewhat different. Sex has always been an issue in our relationship. It took 2 years before we had normal sex (P in V). Before that, it was hand jobs, some oral or climaxing on her tits or ass. Every attempt to normal intercourse was painful for her. She went to see a doctor but he couldn’t find anything abnormal. We talked a lot about it, I didn’t want to push or rush her. She felt bad about it, so I kept silent and hoped it would become better. It did, just when I was about to hit the road and break up with her (now I realize she must have felt something was off). From that moment on, the sex was relatively okay: plain, vanilla sex about 4 times a month. She never let me cum on her face or in her mouth. Anal was a big no-no. I never insisted to increase the frequency. Partly because I didn’t know better, I was blue pill, and I was in love with that girl and everything went well, apart from the sex.
We traveled a lot, we both had a career, great social life, we had friends, hobbies, a life... Around 2005, we decided we wanted kids. The sex became more intense, more frequent. Only two months after she stopped taking the pill, she was pregnant. During her pregnancy and many months after giving birth, sex went off the table. Two years later, when the second kid was born, same scenario.
Since daughter #2 (2008), sex has never been the same. Being intimate became a struggle. She was never into it anymore. I’ve heard every single excuse in the book: too cold, too hot, need a shower, just showered, feeling sick, ate too much, headache, kids are still awake, kids are asleep, tired, work to do, must watch show on tv , etc. Some months, we would still have sex 4 times, but only after I really insisted. Sometimes, we’d only have sex twice a month. It became very functional intercourse (duty/starfish sex, as I learned on here).
In 2012, she decided unilaterally she would stop taking the pill. She suggested I could get myself a vasectomy. I was not willing to do that at that time. Blue-Pill-me never argued and started using condoms or I just pulled out and came on her belly/tits. I hate condoms so I stopped using them and just pulled out every time. Risky business, I would say, but frequency had dropped to about 3 times per month, so who cares, right? While typing this, I now realize it’s been almost 7 years since I came inside my wife!
Now, my wife was very happy with this situation. She couldn’t/can’t care less about sex, she literally told me a few times that she could live her life without having sex ever again without a problem.
Not so much for me, it became a real problem. I became resentful, frustrated, angry.
I tried every option in the book to change our situation:
I tried to talk logic with her: “Sex is part of a healthy relationship.”. Nothing changed.
I tried choreplay. The house was spic&span, hoping that I would be granted acces to her pussy. Nothing changed.
After years, that didn't seem to work, so I drew the opposite card and acted extremely butthurt when denied. I would give her the silent treatment for days, neglecting the house and even my kids, thinking that would show her the way. Nothing changed.
I was blue pill, for sure, but not all the way. I am controlling finances in our house, I have a relatively visible media job in my state and I do have some limited “star power”. I make 100k/year, I have a private pilot license. My kids come to me first to ask permission for something, I run the house like a tight ship and even my wife seeks advice for things. But in relationship stuff, including sex, I am blue pill and afraid to confront her.
In all honesty, she is a good mother for our daughters and not a bad woman. I read all these horror stories on MRP about nagging, lunatic and loose-canon spouses. That’s not my situation. Shit-testing is minimal, she’s good looking, in good shape and of sound mind … but the sex sucks.
Anyway, in 2015, we endured a very long dryspell (months without any action). At one point, I just snapped and couldn't take it anymore. On a lonely night, when she went upstairs to sleep at 9 pm and left me all alone and horny downstairs, I opened an account on datingsite POF.
I never had any real street game (I never cold approached a girl), but my online game was pretty good. Within a week, I was close with 3 ladies. I met up in real life with a HB7. Married, mid-thirties, in a dead bedroom situation. Eager to be fucked. So yes, I had an affair. Was that my best move ever? No, but it was all too much and I needed relief.
That fling opened a new world to me. For the first time in 19 years, I slept with another woman, and that was an eye opener. It felt so extremely good to be with a woman that was actually enjoying sex, how cool was that? She sucked me in a way I was never sucked before. She let me fuck her how I wanted. She let me cum wherever I wanted. I felt revived, what a joy!
My ‘plate situation‘ lasted a few months, until … until my wife found out. She found some messages on my phone from the HB7 chick and I confessed. Or actually, I partly confessed: I said we kissed and fooled around, I never admitted we had sex, there was no proof anyway. Whether she believes that, that’s unclear. We talked and we talked and we talked. I said I was unhappy because of the lack of intimacy, she was mad but said she understood and partly took the blame. After that shitstorm passed, the sex actually picked up again. But old habits returned and frequency dropped to about 3x/month starfish sex again. So I’ve gone through all the scenario’s again: choreplay, passive aggressive, logic … I even showed her articles stressing the importance of sex in a relationship, I kept a score card, I was extremely nice, or extremely rude: to no avail. The sex was/is pathetic.
Fast forward to end of December 2018: it’s been a month without sex, and I am to blame for that as well, because after so many rejections and NO’s, I just stopped initiating. For the first time in 2 decades, I was really contemplating of leaving her. I was ready to have “the final talk” with her... Then, on a dark winters night, I discover married red pill.
It was as if suddenly someone turned on the light in the dark room I have been walking in for more than 20 years. All of a sudden, I could see the objects in that room. And I finally understood how to not run into them. Inexplicable or seemingly random events from the past all made sense now.
I'll give you a few examples to make my point:
I slowly started implementing MRP in January. I read through MMSLP, NMMNG, WISNIFG, Pook, Way of Superior Male. Other books will be read soon. I started lifting, and slowly but steadily building muscles (I was skinny fat: 5’11” and 150 lbs). Showing more leadership in my house (be the oak), seeing old and lost friends again, started initiating with her again. All hard NO’s by the way, no sex for me so far.
One of the first things I did after my disovery of MRP was getting that vasectomy. 'Control the birth'. If it wasn't for my current LTR, I would be abe to fuck other women without risk if the need should arise.
In February, my wife developped a full blown hernia and she couldn’t leave the house for days. Recovery has been slow since that day. She had a lot of pain for weeks. It’s only since the end of March that she’s off pain killers and able to function normally again. This slowed down the MRP process for me somehow. Of course, I kept working on myself in the background while assisting her in her recovery to the best of my abilities. But I stopped initiating . Her pain was real, I could see her suffer and I completely understand she – physically - couldn’t have sex.
She’s much better since April and I have been slowly initiating again, but still all NO’s. I tried to talk her into hand jobs or BJs (no back effort required, right?) but been gettin hard NOs. She says she’s not feeling it right now because of her condition. I am willing to go along with that and don’t want to be an asshole, but I am afraid that her medical condition will now be the standard excuse for not fucking me.
Anyway, that’s where I am right now. No sex since early december and slowly adding MRP into my life. That’s enough for the introduction. I’ll follow up from now on in OYS and keep you posted about my progress...
Thanks for reading, good luck to you all.
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