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Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club 1994

2019.11.14 23:22 Exospacefart Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club 1994


2016.03.20 00:57 MrDennisPage Meet and Greet people living in Scotland

Hello laddies, lassies, and anyone in-between! Welcome to /ScotlandR4R. A place for people that are living in (or plan on visiting or willing to travel to) Scotland to meet other Redditors. The Scottish alternative to r4! Comments are disabled please PM/Chat directly.

2020.09.27 18:37 MrStilton Two questions about a Vanguard SIPP: Fund selection and how to reclaim back correct amount of tax.

I'm currently in my early 20's and my employer offers a non-contributory pension scheme through which they pay 8% of my salary into a pension without any contribution required by myself. While I can make additional contributions of my own, this won't get me any employer match. It's not a salary sacrifice scheme, so the only benefit of making voluntary contributions would be the saving that it would offer on income tax.
Given that my workplace pension has fairly high fees and only offers actively managed funds, I'm considering paying into a SIPP instead. The one which Vanguard offers looks suitable, but I have two questions about it:
  1. I live in Scotland and pay the Intermediate income tax rate (i.e. 21% tax). By default I can see that Vanguard claim back just 20% of the contribution you make. How easy is it to claim back the additional 1%? Would I need to complete a tax return to do this?
  2. I can see that they offer target retirement funds. What's the logic in these having as much as 20% bonds for target retirement dates which are >40 years in the future? Would you go with one of these or just chuck the money in their FTSE Global All Cap fund instead? (given that this has a slightly lower fee, is well diversified, and gives greater exposure to equities).
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2020.09.26 21:36 MajorSteed Ghostbusters of London: Campaign 1 Casefile

Ghostbusters of London: Campaign 1 Casefile
I hope nobody minds, but approximately three weeks ago, I started "series 2" of my Ghostbusters of London campaign, and while we don't have any recordings or comics or such, I thought nobody would mind if I shared a summary of their adventures so far. I'll start with some quick character descriptions and then give an overview of each case they've been involved in.
We're ready to believe you!
The Stars of the Show
  • Cassidy Dempsey, the Brains: the shortest and smartest member of the team, a sharp-witted, green-haired wild child who crafts new ideas to expand their ghostbusting arsenal. A childhood encounter with a fearsome banshee awakened a sense of exploration and obsession in her.
  • Harrison Ace, the Muscles: the strongest and biggest member of the team, an accountant who previously attempted to reconcile his job with his Christian upbringing. Incredibly well-meaning, but clumsy and prone to accidents. His player has the most consistent habit of rolling ghosts.
  • Michael Smith, the Moves: a grumpy but practical engineer, and the one who has to find ways of putting Dempsey's wacky ideas together. Usually at his happiest when maintaining and upgrading the existing equipment. Also imbued with a remarkable gift for jumping. Fan of old horror flicks.
  • Zachary Flynn, the Cool: an American expat and professional Elvis impersonator, Flynn ran away to England on the pretence of visiting relatives. Now the public face of the London team. Wears a custom white, tassel-sleeved uniform and a "the King ain't dead" sticker on his proton pack.
  • Katherine "Kitty" Evans, the Heart: the ghost of a woman who died quite suddenly in 1969, now the housemate and sometimes-test-subject for Dempsey's experiments. Searching for the reasons behind her death. Ex-N.P.C. adopted by a player who developed her further than I ever could.
  • ECTO-1: the company vehicle, a van extensively modified from an Iveco ambulance into a reliable, all-in-one ghostbusting machine.
Supporting Cast
  • Louise Valentine (24): the team's receptionist. Sensible, logical, organised, but more than a bit abrasive. A very private individual who keeps much of her personal life and beliefs to herself.
  • Sarah Derrell (13): a budding paranormal blogger and the London team's number one follower, sometimes called on to provide historical data on the locations they investigate. Uncomfortable with her single father's disapproval of our heroes.
  • Harmon Derrell (40): Sarah's father and aide to Mayor Robinson, which means he's overworked, underappreciated, and frequently the butt of jokes. Has an intense dislike towards the team, and very protective of his young daughter.
  • Sven Robinson (67): the mayor of London and a keen supporter of the Ghostbusters. Excitable and approachable, but somewhat eccentric and forgetful. It's a miracle how he keeps getting re-elected when he'd rather spend time holidaying in the Lake District than running the city.
  • Pamela Arkwright (26): a maid at the Crown Hotel. Adventurous and charming. Currently dating Flynn.
  • Daniel McBride (27): a male nurse who started dating Ace after tending to his injuries on multiple occasions. Revealed to have a much deeper connection to the strange phenomena in the city than anyone realised.
  • Calvin Ace (13): Ace's lackadaisical nephew, and a staunch disbeliever. Inconveniently faints when confronted with the paranormal. Thinks the whole operation is a scam and that Sarah is a nutter.
  • Brayden Strand: Grand Master of the Ordo Templi Stellae and arch-nemesis of the London team. Last survivor of a White Lodge of magicians that was destroyed by schisms during WWI. Hellbent on global domination through a long-running plan to bring forth the Moonchild, a spiritual super-weapon. His current whereabouts are unknown.
  • The Architect Demon: caught accidentally by a ritual almost ninety years ago, the demon was set free from his prison by the London Ghostbusters, and has returned on multiple occasions to give them hints about Brayden Strand's schemes. Its true motivations outside of avenging itself on the magicians who trapped him remain unknown.
  • Sebastian Frobisher: former butler of the Strand family, enslaved to the will of the Grand Master. Final boss of the campaign.
For the context, both the original two films and the 2009 computer game are considered canonical. The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters animated series exist as one of Dr Peter Venkman's many deals to increase the company's publicity. The adventures of the Ghostbusters of London team begin in mid-2016.
The Campaign
  1. The Resurrection-Men: after two weeks of inactivity, the London Ghostbusters receive their first proper case. An old pub is undergoing refurbishment, and the work has awoken a trio of violent poltergeists. The team meet Sarah, a budding paranormal investigator herself, who's been stuck in the cellar since she sneaked in to record evidence of supernatural activity. She reveals that the ghosts are the Boulstridge Gang, grave-robbers who resorted to murder when fresh bodies got difficult to find. Their leader Ainsley Boulstridge developed an interest in anatomical science that led him to perform twisted surgeries, and he's set his sights on young Sarah as his next subject. When she is spirited off to his hidden workshop, the new team come together to rescue her and prove they've got the tools and the talent to earn their stripes. Client: Reid Tolmach-Tolmach, owner of the Beast & Bottle pub Ghost(s): Ainsley, Billy, and Georgie Boulstridge (class IV); Ainsley's victims (class I)
  2. The Suicide View: Dempsey and Smith design and build a new addition to their equipment—the boson blaster, which lacks a capture mode but is more powerful than a standard proton stream. The team are approached by the staff of the Crown Hotel about multiple suicides linked to the legend of a cursed room, which foul-tempered manager Donald Sinclair doesn't believe. Hoping to prevent further loss of life, the team decide to go undercover so they can investigate. Among the things they encounter are Kitty Evans, a young woman who doesn't know she died 48 years ago, a stream of caustic black slime leaking into the sewers underneath the car park, and Greta Armbruster, a mysterious and beautiful scholar with a ring bearing an odd symbol. Ace suffers a violent possessive episode in the cursed room, and Louise discovers that in 1902, a maid named Helen W. hanged herself after being forced to give her baby up for adoption. The manager finds out and starts provoking the ghost to prove a point, angering Helen and a monstrous, infant-like entity born from the negative emotions that have been collecting there for decades. Following a pitched battle, the team manage to defeat the monster by severing its connection to Helen. Kitty agrees to leave the hotel and join them at their fire station headquarters. Client: Crown Hotel staff Ghost(s): Katherine "Kitty" Evans (class IV); Helen W. (class IV); the Crown Hotel Baby (class V)
  3. The Hexed Factor: over the next month, Smith upgrades the ghost traps and Dempsey builds a set of slime-weave gloves that will allow physical interaction with ghosts. The team are enjoying a rise in public profile thanks to their adventure at the Crown Hotel and are approached by pop sensation Aurora Monday, who describes a horrifying encounter which left her without a voice. Her agent, Ralph Stainthorpe, stubbornly limits any interactions with her, much to their chagrin. A sudden visit of inspection from the mayor and his sour-faced aide, Harmon Derrell, causes a delay, but a a strange e-mail containing a list of similarly affected singers, each represented by the same agency, puts them back on the trail. They identify the culprit as a Varypnas, a type of troublesome spirit from Greek folklore. They also discover that Stainthorpe's sister Judith was a judge on the T.V. talent show Chart Throb, on which Aurora was a contestant, and the two share a contemptuous relationship. They find Judith's address and head there, only to find Stainthorpe already confronting her. Judith unleashes the Varypnas, and the fight tears through the house. Dempsey hospitalises her with a well-timed headbutt, and the others trap the ghost and break the curse. A follow-up investigation unearths signs of ritual activity and a ring identical to the one worn by Greta Armbruster. Client: Aurora Monday, pop star Ghost(s): the Varypnas (class V)
  4. Role-Playing Game of Thrones: Smith successfully constructs and tests a new device: the dark matter generator. The team are hired by two people in striking costumes, the Goodwins, who organise a LARP for the game League of a Thousand Swords, which is held in Epping Forest. At their last event, players attacked each other and woke up with amnesia. The team posit a case of mass possession, but are more excited to dress up in flashy costumes so they can check out the game without alarming the attendees. On the day of the event, the team get split up in the woods. Dempsey and Ace get captured by the pirate guild, led by Sarah and her father, who is furious at their presence. Smith uncovers ghosts of cavaliers and roundheads from an obscure battle during the English Civil War using the LARPers as hosts. Flynn uncovers a stone door in the undergrowth, which leads him to the prison of a two-headed demon, Sydow and Ekerot. A long time ago, a Celtic hero named Flann Ó’Floinn and some druids trapped them down there until one could discover a way to out-cheat the other in a contest of wits. Using the lost skull of Thomas Cromwell as a totem, they've been manipulating the ghosts to conduct war games for them on the surface. Flynn challenges the demons to a game of Fizzbin, which gives them both such a headache that it breaks their control, allowing the others to bust the ghosts. Sydow and Ekerot hurl the skull into a pool of black slime out of pettiness and allow Flynn to return to the surface, swearing revenge. Client: Chaz and Holly Goodwin, LARP organisers Ghost(s): roundheads and cavaliers (class III); Sydow & Ekerot (class VII)
  5. Dark Hood: Dempsey's research into the rings leads her to the Ordo Templi Stellae, a fraternal occult organisation chaired by Brayden Strand, a publisher who was acquaintances with such known figures as Aleister Crowley and Ivo Shandor. The fire station is visited by a warden from the Tower of London, who found a missing football in the hall and took it home, after which he had dreams about two young boys trying to escape from a terrifying knight. The Ghostbusters agree to keep the ball for further study, and experience the same phenomena while sleeping. They conduct research on the history of the Tower, and learn the legends surrounding the two princes who were lodged there and whose final fate remains unknown. The knight is the silent killer Sir Thomas De'Ath, whose ghost now pursues whomsoever holds the football anchoring the two princes. The fight that ensues between De'Ath and the Ghostbusters causes extensive damage to the fire station and their equipment, but eventually, our heroes prevail. In doing so, they allow the two princes to peacefully depart this dimension. Client: Martin Crane, Yeoman Warden at the Tower of London Ghost(s): Sir Thomas De'Ath (class III); the Princes in the Tower (class IV)
  6. Take That to the Bank: the team are hired by the banking firm of Dempsey, Dawson, Stinge and Farley, represented by none other than Dempsey's great uncle Sidney. Due to an incident when she was a child involving a bottle of apple juice and the petrol tank of his favourite automobile, Sidney is less than happy to discover she's working with the Ghostbusters. It transpires that the bank has recently repossessed the premises occupied by Abraxas Publishing House, specialised in circulating occult periodicals. An e-mail sent by the same unknown contact from the Varypnas case informs them that Brayden Strand was the lease holder, and that the Ordo Templi Stellae used the building to conduct rituals and publish pamphlets between the ’20s and ’70s. Bizarre sounds and disturbances have been chasing away the survey teams, preventing the bank from reselling the building. More than that, the dimensions of the basement level have transformed and expanded into subterranean caverns, and at its heart waits an imprisoned demon, trapped by a ritual decades ago and used for inspiration by the order. The Ghostbusters are attacked by a towering masonry golem placed to watch over the prison. Destroying the golem, they realise too late they've accidentally compromised the prison, freeing the demon. Client: Sidney Dempsey, partner in Dempsey, Dawson, Stinge and Farley Ghost(s): the Architect Demon (class VII); Masonry Golem (class VI)
  7. Frostbitten, Twice Shy: Ace has recently started dating Daniel McBride, a nurse he met during his frequent visits to the accident-and-emergency ward. He finds out that the trendy Ice Bar in Mayfair is holding a couple's night. Suddenly, a freezing wind sweeps through, sealing most of the customers inside ice sculptures, including Daniel. Ace calls in the rest of the team, and they learn from the bar's owner that the ice was imported from the River Torne in Sweden. A portal opens in the ice, which leads the Ghostbusters to the icy River Styx, where groups of phantom fisherman are out in their boats. Through them, they learn that the culprit is Caspar Lundgren, who died on the river and was forever separated from his beloved Theodora. Now any couples he sees suffer his miserable wrath. Dempsey masquerades as Theodora to lure him out, but the ruse only infuriates Caspar, who turns her into one of his army of snow golems. While Ace flees from his transformed teammate, Smith and Flynn spring into action, fighting through the snow beasts until they reach Caspar's boat, busting him and rescuing the trapped people. Client: Ermine Foxx, D.J. and owner of the Ice Bar Ghost(s): Caspar Lundgren (class IV); Snow Golems (class VI)
  8. The Tube Challenge: the London Ghostbusters get their first government contract when ghosts flood the railway lines between several stations, forming a pentagram around Piccadilly Circus. Also present is the mayor's aide Harmon Derrell, who is distraught that Sarah has vanished into the Underground, drawn by her fascination with all things paranormal. Upon seeing the team, he is quick to blame them and has to be restrained by police. Now knowing their young friend is in peril, and with countless ghosts, monsters, and demons escaping onto the streets of the city, the team head down into the depths of the metro system. Encountering ghost trains and other assorted nasties, they eventually find Sarah in the clutches of Edward Burke, a police inspector who practised vampirism on young girls, and he's already infused her with enough ectoplasmic essence to begin her transformation. Sarah proves tough to wrangle, but after defeating Burke, they manage to restore her. Deeper in the tunnels, a river of slime leads them to a gateway that channels the stuff all over the city, and waiting for them are the Architect Demon and his Terror Dog, Fido. The demon explains that Strand took the plans for the gateway straight from his own mind and is taking time to admire the work. After besting Fido in combat, the team destroy the gateway, causing the ghosts to either disappear or drift away to parts unknown. Client: Redmond Drexel, Commissioner of Transport for London Ghost(s): Edward Clavicus Burke (class IV); Fido the Terror Dog (class VI); the Architect Demon (class VII)
  9. From the Studio Built on Death: the team receive a call from the long-abandoned grounds of Langbourn Films, which is set to be demolished and redeveloped. Workers are being afflicted with sickness and nightmarish hallucinations whenever they get too close to the building. The cause is traced to the ghost of Hildred Slade, the studio's cruel owner and the subject of many unsavoury rumours. The Ghostbusters are whisked away into worlds based on Slade's movies, but Smith is able to shake off the illusion and travel through the various dimensions to rescue his teammates. Once reunited, they make their way to Slade's portrait in their studio foyer, the locus of the haunting, and destroy it, allowing them to catch him. Client: Adelaide Rockwest, owner of Rockwest Construction, Ltd. Ghost(s): Hildred Slade (class IV)
  10. Dear Margaret…: the team travel to the house of a famous writer in Surrey, and Sarah insists on accompanying them, as does Kitty, revealing that the writer is her living sister Patricia. A joyous reunion ensues, and Kitty learns that for years, Patricia has been communicating with a ghost named Margaret. Lately, however, she's been quiet, save for bursts of violent poltergeist activity. The team have been called not for a bust, but to help her. Finding her ghost in the foundations, Margaret explains that she was part of Brayden Strand's experiment to create a Moonchild until he realised she was infertile, after which he imprisoned her ghost in a pool of black slime so she could be used to channel psychic turbulence later. Strand found other, suitable subjects and the Moonchild, an immeasurably destructive super-being, has been born. Margaret flies into a rage, possessing the cottage and turning it into a monster form, but a boson shot from Flynn destroys it, allowing the ghost to be trapped. Flynn emerges from the rubble, possessed by the Architect Demon, who reveals that Strand is still alive somehow, before Ace angrily chases him away. The team comfort Patricia with a solemn promise to avenge what happened to Margaret because of Strand, and call in a favour with Rockwest to build her a new cottage. Client: Patricia Featherstonehaugh, semi-retired author Ghost(s): Margaret Kisgart (class IV)
  11. How to Serve Man: Sarah falls into a coma and is taken to hospital. Meanwhile, the team receive a visit from Smiler Brown, an urchin whom Kitty knew during her living days who has fallen onto hard times. His fellow homeless are disappearing off the streets, spirited away by monsters, and the police haven't responded. The Ghostbusters agree to help regardless of payment, and head to the site of the most recent incidents. Clues lead them to the sewers, where they get split up. Kitty meets a charming yet sinister butler named Frobisher, who explains that a grand banquet is being held for a very special guest, and that she had best get to the castle kitchens, ruled by the cruel chef, Mister Swelter. Client: Smiler Brown, no occupation or fixed abode Ghost(s): Mister Swelter (class IV); Sebastian Frobisher (class VI/IV)
  12. London Calling (Part 1): an ancient Scottish castle has appeared in the middle of the Thames, and the Ghostbusters find huge crowds gathering along the banks. Police, and even the army, have set up protective barriers. Worse, black slime is filling the river, spewing ghosts into the atmosphere. The Ghostbusters enter the castle via boat, and are welcomed by the staff. They explain that the team's work has helped greatly with preparing the guest of honour for some upcoming event. Kitty finds out that Swelter is pulling the spirits from the kidnapped homeless to be consumed at the banquet, but cannot defeat him by herself. The team reconvene to save the kidnapped people and escape the castle, while battling Swelter and his underlings. Despite their efforts, however, the Moonchild is ready to be born, and the castle starts collapsing into a tidal wave of black slime. Ghost(s): servants of Castle Strand (class III/IV)
  13. London's Burning (Part 2): ghosts from across the city are being pulled to the roof of the Palace of Westminster, where a rift in space has opened, unleashing unspeakable evil onto the Earth. Harmon Derrell has the team arrested, blaming them for the disappearance of Sarah from her hospital room and the uncontrolled spread of the hauntings. Dempsey's great uncle Sidney pulls some strings at the mayor's office to have them released, and while they wait, the team are met by Daniel McBride, who admits to being their e-mail contact. He has identified the other families Strand used for his experiments, which includes the Derrells, and that Strand has survived to the modern era by inhabiting new bodies every time he reaches the end of his lifespan. Once they're let go, the Ghostbusters race towards Westminster and confront Brayden Strand (in the body of Greta Armbruster) on the roof as he prepares to unshackle Sarah's full potential. Fighting past a squadron of black slime knights and a charged-up Frobisher, they decide to pull a risky move: by crossing their proton streams, the Ghostbusters destroy the portal, severing Sarah's connection to the other dimension. As Strand bellows his fury to the heavens, the Architect Demon appears one final time, whisking away the Grand Master to parts unknown. The Ghostbusters reunite the restored Sarah and her father, and enjoy a hero's welcome. They've saved the world. Ghost(s): Black Slime Knights (class VI); the Moonchild (class unknown)
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2020.09.26 09:44 finnagains The First 'Dune' Trailer - by Trevor Lynch • 24 Sept 2020

Dune Trailer -
If movies can have previews, why can’t movie critics release “pre-reviews”? I ask because September 9th was the release date of the first trailer for the first half of Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune.
Dune is one of the most-anticipated movies of 2020. Trailers can build up a lot of excitement for a film, but they are immediately forgotten when the movie actually appears. Yet due to COVID-19, there is a real chance that more people will see the movie’s trailer online than will see the actual film in theaters when it is released in December, and it may take months before the film is released on video and streaming services. Until that time, this and any subsequent trailers will eclipse the film itself.
Hence this little experiment. I want to prereview Dune based on the first trailer, plus other information gleaned from interviews and promotional materials. When (and if) you see the film, you can judge my prereview for prescience.
Any Dune adaptation is highly significant, because the novel is one of the great works of twentieth-century popular fiction, straddling both the sci-fi and fantasy genres. First published in 1965, Dune inspired legions of fans. Herbert wrote five sequels, and after his death his son Brian Herbert, together with Kevin J. Anderson, wrote more than a dozen Dune universe books, none of which I have read.
This movie is also significant because Dune has already inspired a series of screen adaptations. The first was by Alejandro Jodorowsky, which was highly influential even though it was never filmed. David Lynch’s 1984 Dune belongs in the category of great flawed films. In 2000, the Sci-Fi Channel did a four-and-a-half-hour, three-part Dune miniseries, which I thought was pretty bad, although its sequel, the Children of Dune miniseries (2003) is surprisingly good.
Dune also inspired screen homages and rip offs, most notably the vast Star Wars “franchise”—which is what the movie industry calls a “mythos.”
Beyond that, a Dune adaptation is politically important because, as I have argued in “Archaeofuturist Fiction: Frank Herbert’s Dune,” , Herbert’s vision is deeply reactionary, anti-modernist, and anti-liberal—and for quite compelling reasons.
Based on his movies Sicario, Arrival, and Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve is a highly talented director of both science fiction and action films. Thus he was a good choice to direct Dune. But will Dune be a good movie? Will it be better than the Lynch or the Sci-Fi Channel’s versions? (Yes, the Sci-Fi Channel adaptation was inferior to Lynch, but it included plot elements omitted by Lynch but not by Villeneuve, so it is reasonable to compare the two.) Will Villeneuve’s film bear any relation to Jodorowsky’s Dune? This three minute, five second trailer contains many clues.
Perhaps the chief flaw of Lynch’s Dune are the clunky special effects. The Sci-Fi Channel version’s effects also look cheap. Based on the trailer and Villeneuve’s other science fiction efforts, this adaptation beats the rivals easily in this department. But this is largely due to advances in technology. The big question is whether Villeneuve’s use of the new technology be tasteful or vulgar. Based on the trailer, I can’t yet decide. Aside from the sandworms, most of the effects in the trailer are static images that give one a sense of the design of vessels. But the test of effects is how well they move.
Another flaw of Lynch’s Dune was a lack of grand landscape photography, especially on the watery world of Caladan and the desert planet of Arrakis. Lynch mostly used models without much context. Fortunately, the trailer shows us glimpses of dramatic vistas on both planets. Another flaw of Lynch’s Arrakis is that many of the scenes, even in the desert, are dark, gloomy, and ugly. Deserts are beautiful places, but you’d never know that from the Lynch film. Unfortunately, based on the new trailer, Villeneuve’s Arrakis is almost as dark and ugly as Lynch’s.
Villeneuve’s movie dramatizes the first half of the Dune novel. The setting is more than 20,000 years in the future. Mankind has colonized the entire galaxy. No other intelligent life forms have been found. Because of the great distances between planets and the high cost of space travel, the political order is feudal. Noble houses (Dukes, Counts, Barons) rule entire planets, all of them subordinated to the Padishah Emperor on far-off Kaitain.
In addition to the noble houses, the other major powers are secretive initiatic societies dedicated to the development of human capacities.
The Spacing Guild has developed higher mathematics and prescience to traverse space.
The Bene Tleilax brotherhood, who are Sufis, has developed mnemonics and to create “mentats” (human computers, because artificial intelligence is religiously prohibited), yogic superpowers that allow them to shift shapes, and genetic engineering techniques.
The Bene Gesserit sisterhood has developed skills in martial arts (the Weirding Way), memory sharing, hyper-observation and abductive reasoning, seduction and sex, religious and political deception, and eugenics.
Nobody knows what their ultimate goal is, but their proximal goal—which they are nearing—is breeding a superman, the Kwisatz Haderach (shortener of the way), a Janus-like figure who will be able to access all of his ancestors’ memories as well as presciently peer into the future.
The most valuable resource in the universe is the so-called spice mélange, harvested from the sands of Arrakis, also known as Dune. The spice extends life but also expands the mind, thus it is used by the Guild, Tleilaxu, and Bene Gesserit in all their schemes to transcend the human condition.
The plot of Dune centers on the struggle of two noble houses, the Atreides and the Harkonnen, for control of Arrakis. But this is no normal aristocratic feud, because the most precious resource in the universe is at stake, and one of the players, Paul Atreides, the fourteen-year-old heir to Arrakis, may well be the Kwisatz Haderach the sisterhood has been searching for.
In the trailer the two primary characters are Paul Atreides, (played by Timothée Chalamet) and the Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam (Charlotte Rampling), who has come to test Paul’s powers on the eve of the Atreides’ departure to take control of Arrakis. Their scene and bits of dialogue from it are intercut with flashes of events to come as the Atreides are attacked on Arrakis by the Harkonnen. Paul and his mother are forced to flee to the desert, where they take refuge with the Fremen, the indigenous people of Arrakis.
I wasn’t thrilled when I heard that Chalamet was cast as Paul. He does not look as good as Lynch’s Kyle MacLachlan or the Sci-Fi Channel’s Alec Newman. He looks too delicate for the action sequences. But it is difficult to find an actor who can pass for a teenager and handle the role. Judging from the trailer, however, Chalamet has some steel in him. He will probably do the character credit.
One of the best sequences in Lynch’s film is when the Reverend Mother tests Paul with “the box.” We see glimpses of this in the trailer. Lynch’s Reverend Mother was played beautifully by Siân Phillips. In the Sci-Fi series, she was played by a Czech actress, Zuzana Geislerová, who would have been forgettable if her stupid hats and heavy accent had not made her ridiculous. (She was much better in Children of Dune.) Based on the trailer, Rampling has poise and a great voice. She will do justice to the role.
The only other character in the trailer with significant lines is Duncan Idaho. (Baron Harkonnen and Chani have just a few words.) Although Idaho is a very important character, especially in the subsequent books, Lynch’s adaptation left little room for Idaho, who was played by Richard Jordan. In the Sci-Fi miniseries, he was played by the forgettable James Watson. (In Children of Dune he was memorably played by Edward Atterton.) Villeneuve has cast the half-Hawaiian bodybuildeaction hero Jason Momoa to play Idaho.
Momoa is a very good choice. The first half of Dune contains a number of flight and fight scenes featuring Idaho that were cut by Lynch. These will make excellent action sequences, so Momoa with his heroic physique and martial arts skills will shine in them. As for Momoa’s mixed race ancestry: Duncan Idaho is really the only character in Dune who is described as not being white. “Idaho” is an American Indian name, and the character is described as having high cheekbones, a somewhat flat face, and dark, wavy hair like a karakul sheep. Momoa actually looks the part.
Oscar Isaac plays Duke Leto Atreides. This is actually a better choice than Lynch’s Jürgen Prochnow and Sci-Fi’s William Hurt, since the Atreides are supposed to have a Mediterranean look (brunette, aquiline noses) and descend from the ancient Greek house of Atreus. Isaac, who is of Cuban, Guatemalan, and French ancestry, looks the part. Chalamet, who is half-French, half-Jewish, does so as well.
A beautiful Scottish-Swedish actress, Rebecca Ferguson, plays Lady Jessica, Paul’s mother. She looks good, but not as good as Francesca Annis in Lynch’s film. Saskia Reeves in the Sci-Fi series was too earthy. Alice Kriege (the Borg Queen) was, however, utterly regal in Children of Dune.
Just as Kyle MacLachlan looked like he could have been the child of Jürgen Prochnow and Francesca Annis, Chalamet looks like he could be the son of Isaac and Ferguson.
Josh Brolin is a great choice for Gurney Halleck, the Atreides weapons master, who was memorably played by Patrick Steward in Lynch’s film.
I can’t complain about Villeneuve casting a Chinaman to play the traitor, Dr. Wellington Yueh, even though he was not described as oriental. Thufir Hawat, the Atreides mentat and Master of Assassins, is played by Stephen McKinley Henderson, who has some black ancestry, but who looks quite white. So even this choice doesn’t really stray from Herbert’s vision.
As for the Harkonnens: Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård plays the mad Baron, Vladimir Harkonnen. Dave Bautista plays his brutish nephew Glossu Rabban. Bautista is part Philippino, but is in whiteface. The Baron’s nephew, Feyd Rautha, does not appear in this movie. David Dastmalchian plays the Harkonnens’ twisted mentat Piter De Vries. With his Armenian, Iranian, and European ancestry, Dastmalchian is a strange looking guy and inspired casting for this role, which was memorably played by Brad Dourif in the Lynch film.
The Fremen leader Stigar is played by Javier Bardem. He’s a great actor and will be the best Stilgar yet, although Steven Berkoff was outstanding in Children of Dune.
Unfortunately, at this point Villeneuve’s casting goes completely off the rails.
The character of the Imperial Planetologist, Dr. Liet Kynes, is described by Herbert as a natural leader of astonishing nobility as well as a scientific genius. He was memorably portrayed by Max von Sydow in Lynch’s film. Villeneuve has decided to cast Kynes as a very black woman (Sharon Duncan-Brewster).
This is such outrageous political correctness that Villeneuve claimed that it was necessitated by his choice of a mulatto actress, Zendaya, to play Liet’s daughter Chani, who becomes Paul’s love interest.
This argument is complete nonsense, however, since Zendaya presumably had a white male parent, so there was no need other than blatant racial appropriation to change Kynes’ sex and race. And, of course, it is also racial appropriation to cast his daughter as a mulatto.
But it gets worse. Villeneuve casts two other Fremen with black actors as well. Harah, the wife of Stilgar, is played by Gloria Obianyo. Jamis, who fights with Paul and is killed, is played by Babs Olusanmokun.
This is a very bad sign, for it seems likely that Villeneuve wishes to portray the Fremen, who are the good guys, as primarily non-white. Given that their enemies, the Harkonnens, are depicted with shaved heads and conspicuously white skin, Villeneuve is turning Dune into an anti-white race-war prosecuted by non-whites and white race-mixers (Paul, Stilgar). This isn’t Frank Herbert’s Dune. Like every other piece of mainstream entertainment, Villeneuve’s Dune is just another version of the White Genocide script.
The fact that America has been convulsed for four months by people LARPing the same script is producing a great deal of fatigue for blacks and their white saviors. If COVID does not turn audiences away in droves, this blackface desecration of Herbert’s vision just might. In the past, I could overlook this kind of casting if other parts of the story were good. I don’t think I can do that anymore. This isn’t a game. Our race and civilization are dying, and the politicians, journalists, activists, and artists who are promoting the Great Replacement are simply evil. Denis Villeneuve has desecrated Dune. This movie deserves to bomb as badly as Disney’s Star Wars.
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2020.09.25 21:10 westermead High risk/reward portfolio?

First post...go easy on me :)
I’m a 33 y/o Male, who has been unofficially practicing the FIRE method for a few years. I was only introduced to stocks/investing about 1.5 years ago...prior to this, I just considered it gambling without any real knowledge. I have spent most of my earnings to date, renovating houses and trying to increase my equity as much as possible. Currently have around 60%+ in a home valued at over £700k.
I support a family of three and have aspirations of achieving FIRE within the next 10 years. Currently saving approximately 50+% of take home.
Now on to my portfolio. I work within the tech sector, so my portfolio is heavily focused around FAANG stocks and Tesla...I know. Having worked in this ecosystem for some time, I feel that I know the businesses very well and am confident having so much of my portfolio centred around these stocks. I was following Tesla as a business long before I ever made any investment (My first stock purchase was Tesla when it was trading around $250 pre-split) I love their mission and how rapidly they are forcing the adoption of electrified transportation.
I am 100% not a stock trader. I just buy stocks I am deeply interested/familiar with and will hold for a minimum of 5+ years.
Outside of this, I hold around $35k in crypto currencies split between BTC, ETH, Link and XTZ. I understand the high risks, however I bought most of my holdings over a year ago (Original investment of approximately $10k) and plan to sit on them for 5-10 year horizon. I am very bullish on their long term potential but aware of the speculative nature of these assets and their inherent risk.
Portfolio £47k S&S ISA + £3k in LISA. Pension has roughly £30k
30% Tesla 70% technology related stocks
100% of LISA in Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust
I’m currently using Interactive Investor for a £20 monthly fee and £5 per trade.
As you can see, I have a much higher appetite for risk than most on this sub. So I am looking for your insights on where you would suggest balancing my portfolio with future investments. I do not want to sell any of my holdings, as I like the exposure to these businesses.
For example, I can see that my portfolio is very US-centric. Should I be looking at lower-risk exposure to more markets? Would a low cost index fund help balance my risk? In addition, my pension contributions are quite low...I just feel uneasy about having large sums tied up for 30+ years when I have a LISA fulfilling the same purpose.
Sorry for the brain dump. Hopefully this makes sense!
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2020.09.25 18:30 1968Bladerunner 51 [M4F] Scotland / UK - Far in the north is a lonely goatherd, Lay ee od lay ee odl lay hee hoo, Glum at the thought of a lonesome winter, lay ee od lad lay ee odl-oo.

He’s not alone in his plight, right? … no doubt there’s plenty of ladies despondent at the prospect of spending the cooler months without a cuddle-buddy nearby to cosy up to, especially as it’s entirely likely the ‘Rona’s going to keep us socially segregated for much of it.
More than anything this older goatherd misses human contact & hugs - if you’re the same then perhaps you can help each other out?
Maybe you’re in a position to work from anywhere so long as you’ve decent Internet, or not to have to work at all, and would prefer to spend it cosy & comfy in the coastal Scottish Highlands, where the bug’s had very little grip. There you can benefit from getting out in fresh air, amongst the fabulous countryside and beaches, while also having some company to chat with over copious cuppas, or can curl up and read / craft / paint / write in peace, or even work out in a private on-site gym.
Your potential host, moi, lives a quiet laid-back life, unshackled from the usual 9 to 5 slog, and is unlike most other guys you’ll know. He prefers reading over TV, walking over sports, tea over beer, VR over console gaming, cats over dogs, Reddit over Facebook, yada yada - you get the idea - not a typical bloke. He’s also been a single parent of 2 kids (both flown the nest now), played in bands (keyboards / backing vox), ran his own business for 2½+ decades, was vegetarian for 6 years, and has expansive collections of both DVD’s & CD’s (so, you know, if you like the sound of music, you’re welcome to browse & use). In addition, he keeps up to date with what’s going on in the world, recycles whenever possible, not overly political, & is anti-religion - so he’s got myriad life experiences and views, and is always up for discussions over more tea or coffee!
If that’s not enough enticement, then he’s also been known to offer stress-relieving massages… does that tip the scales? Sound like someone you could share a house with while getting to know each other? No pressure on anything happening… just be open both to the idea of an LTR if we click, and to having a hugger / snuggler available 24/7… I won’t try & Von Trapp you here (groan!)
Only red lines are no smokers / vapers / substance users, or nuns! - sorry if those are your things.
Please PM or chat if you’ve any queries.
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2020.09.24 21:39 ChristianStatesman History of Frisland since 1600: vassal kingdom for how long, how the ups and downs of the colorful history of the Sinclair earls of Caithness affect F.? Were they stripped of their title to F. due to their support of 1708 & 1715 Jacobite risings? Could F. have acquired colonies as a vassal state?

Copypaste from my comment in the post in Frislandia, where the history of Frisland has been worked out
Moving on to the 1605–1607 Expeditions to Greenland of Christian IV of Denmark (1588-1648). Brilliant idea! Yes, Frisland must be a stop on their route as well! And I note they actually searched for the Island of Buss- I think you should let them find it!
Fine by me. Did the source state whether Denmark would have annexed Buss if found? Presumably yes, why would they have searched for it if not to occupy it. However, Buss was granted by Charles II to the Hudson's Bay Company in 1673, and although it's not known whether he considered it to be his disposable possession by the 1578 Frobisher discovery or by 1671 Shepherd rediscovery, it should maybe made English if we want Frisland to gain it later, which we do.
But after that I am at a loss. The three expeditions were only a few ships each and considered a failure. They were by no means a military force that could threaten Frisland. Frederick’s successor, King Christian IV (1588-1648), even paid a friendly state visit to England in 1606, so there is no real animosity between the two nations at this time.
Good for you to have researched this. My suggestion was contrived anyway, it didn't occur to me that the Sinclairs could gain it peacefully from the Crown, without needing to invent a war in order to justify their getting it. As stated below, they can only get it during James' reign.
Once sold to England, the Sinclairs present their claims based on their ancestors’ previous titles to the land. Queen Elizabeth I, or James I, graciously restores them to power, installing them as vassal kings or dukes (or whatever title you prefer).
I prefer kings, like the kings of Mann, which offer a perfect precedent. As the Latin title rex Manniae was occasionally used in court documents at least, until the later 17th century, I see no reason as to why won't James give that title to the Sinclairs, as a restoration of the 1380 title of Henry I Sinclair. The only reason for the official title in Man from King to Lord in 1399 was due to the last sovereign king (of the de jure sovereign Kingdom of Man, 1333-1399, in no way was it really a sovereign state), who also, and first and foremost, was an English earl, having involved in rebellion against the King of England, and presumably if he hadn't, Man would still have been a vassal kingdom in James' reign.
I suggest that James I installed Sinclairs as the vassal kings of F. as only he had the power over Scottish peers while simultaneously as King of England controlling F. while Elizabeth had no power to grant anything to a Scottish Earl.
I suggest that the granting of F. to George Sinclair, 5th earl of Caithness (1566-1643) took place in 1613, when Samuel Purchas wrote about it, thus connecting the event to a date on which England and F. were connected.
He lived long enough for the outbreak of the English Civil War, but that didn't threaten his rule over F. After the unknown patentee of the northern S.Brandain island failed to colonize it, Charles I could have regranted it to G.S. instead, making it the first colony of the vassal kingdom of F.
Frisland and the English Civil War
His grandson and successor to both his titles George, 6th Earl (II of Frisland [Apparently the numbers were not used of the Kings of Mann, but retroactively in modern independent F. they are used of the vassal kings as well?]) was stripped of his Royal title by Cromwell in 1649, but as he had stayed neutral in the Civil War, regranted F. as a Lordship, again restyled Kingdom in 1660 (Cromwell granted the Lordship of Mann to his general Thomas Fairfax in 1649).
Sinclair's fight with Campbells over their earldom; could it have been avoided if they had Frisland's revenues and didn't get into indebtedness in the first place?
The later history of the Sinclair Earls of Caithness seems to have been quite colorful, and the events leading to the 1680 Battle of Altimarlach between them and Campbells over the Earldom might have jeopardized their rule over F. as well, and certainly their involvement in the Jacobite risings must have impacted their status as the Vassal kings of F.? Just as participation in English rebellions had consequences for the Kings of Mann.
Sinclairs lose Frisland as a punishment for supporting the Jacobite risings in 1708 and 1715? F. revested to the British Crown, creating a precedent to the later revestment of IoM in 1765?
However, they didn't lose their earldom, so could they have managed to hold onto Frisland as well?
The rise of Norse-Gael nationalism in the 19th century: if Sinclairs lost their kingdom, Thomas Sinclair teams up with the nationalists to win independence for F. in the 1890s?
Or Sinclairs survive, but in 1893, the earldom and kingdom are separated? If they managed to survive these intrigues, after the death of James Augustus Sinclair, the 16th Earl in 1891 as you suggest, Thomas Sinclair became the new vassal king in 1893, separating the Earldom from the Kingdom. Could his fictional brother George Alexander (1858-1918, IRL actor G.A.) have become his co-king in1895 and his successor in 1912?
Until when did F. stay as a vassal kingdom? However would a constitutional monarchy in a vassal kingdom work vis-a-vis to the British Crown?
Would F. have severed its vassal ties around 1937-1950 inspired by Ireland and the British colonies of India, Pakistan and Burma becoming republics? Would F. have became the second distinct kingdom alongside the UK in the British Commonwealth of Nations?
Also, if the vassal kingdom had its own colonies, a kind of sub-empire within the British Empire, how would that have worked until 20th century? [Of course Britain delegated the administration of its various colonies to dominions of Australia, NZ and South Africa, but would it have done the same to its vassal kingdom? As Canada considered claims to the Arctic continent of Hyperborea, maybe F. could have done so as well?]
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2020.09.24 21:12 StevenStevens43 Gododdin literature

Gododdin literature
Welsh triads:
I will begin this article by first explaining why i refer to the Welsh triads, as Gododdin literature.
And the reason is, because the sub-roman welsh language actually takes root in the East coast of modern day Scotland. Approximate to todays Lothian region.
The Gododdin (Welsh pronunciation: [ɡɔˈdɔðɪn]) were a P-Celtic-speaking Brittonic) people of north-eastern Britannia, the area known as the Hen Ogledd or Old North (modern south-east Scotland and north-east England), in the sub-Roman period. Descendants of the Votadini, they are best known as the subject of the 6th-century Welsh poem Y Gododdin, which memorialises the Battle of Catraeth and is attributed to Aneirin.
Link for photo
Gododdin territory
Now the Gododdin were almost definitely Norse-Gaels, speaking a Norse form of Gaelic.
The meaning of Gall-Goídil is "foreigner Gaels" or "foreign Gaels" and although it can in theory mean any Gael of foreign origin, it always was used of Gaels (i.e. Gaelic-speakers) with some kind of Norse identity. This term is subject to a large range of variations depending on chronological and geographical differences in the Gaelic language, e.g. Gall Gaidel, Gall Gaidhel, Gall Gaidheal, Gall Gaedil, Gall Gaedhil, Gall Gaedhel, Gall Goidel, Gall Ghaedheil, etc. The modern term in Irish is Gall-Ghaeil or Gall-Ghaedheil, while the Scottish Gaelic is Gall-Ghàidheil.[1]
The Norse–Gaels often called themselves Ostmen or Austmen, meaning East-men
Link for photo
Norse settlements
The name Gododdin, almost definitely derives from the Norse god, Odin.
Odin (/ˈoʊdɪn/;[1] from Old Norse: Óðinn, IPA: [ˈoːðinː]) is a widely revered god in Germanic mythology. Norse mythology
Link for photo
English language:
Now this brings me to the supposed "legendary" founder of Gwynedd, "Cunedda", who was supposed to have been a leader of the Goddodin, and the leader of the group that spread Welsh Gaelic to Wales, as well as playing a role in forming the roots for the early English language.
Cunedda, legendary founder of the Kingdom of Gwynedd in north Wales, is supposed to have been a Manaw Gododdin warlord who migrated southwest during the 5th century.[4]
Link for photo
Map of place-names between the Firth of Forth and the River Tees: in green, names likely containing Brittonic elements; in red and orange, names likely containing the Old English elements -ham and -ingaham respectively. Brittonic names lie mostly to the north of the Lammermuir and Moorfoot Hills and may reflect the territory of the Gododdin.[5]
And despite the claim in the above quote, Cunedda is not in the slightest bit "legendary".
Cunedda ap Edern or Cunedda Wledig[1] (fl. 5th century) was an important early Welsh leader, and the progenitor of the royal dynasty of Gwynedd.
The only debate to be had regarding Cunedda, is regarding his descendancy.
Some scholars consider him being of Norse Gaelic descent a myth, in favour of the more preposterous and highly unlikely claim, that a norse-gaelic speaking leader of a tribe known as "god" "oddin" and spreading a language which probably pre-dated "Roman" is somehow a Roman descendant.
This claim can only be explained by early political minded Romano Brits that wished to re-establish the Roman empire by claiming every man and his dog is a Roman heir.
Background and life
[2] His genealogy is traced back to a grandfather named Padarn Beisrudd, which literally translates as Paternus of the "red tunic". One traditional interpretation identifies Padarn as a Roman (or Romano-British) official of reasonably high rank who had been placed in command of Votadini troops stationed in the Clackmannanshire region of Scotland in the 380s or earlier by the Emperor Magnus Maximus. Alternatively, he may have been a frontier chieftain who was granted Roman military rank, a practice attested elsewhere along the empire's borders at the time. In all likelihood, Padarn's command in Scotland was assumed after his death by his son, Edern (Latin: Æturnus), and then passed to Edern's son, Cunedda.
According to Old Welsh tradition contained in section 62 of the Historia Brittonum, Cunedda came from Manaw Gododdin, the modern Clackmannanshire region of Scotland:
Y Gododdin:
Some of the finest Welsh literature ever wrote, was written by the Gododdin, which would include the Welsh triads.
Cultural influence
There are a number of references to Y Gododdin in later Medieval Welsh poetry. The well-known 12th-century poem Hirlas Owain by Owain Cyfeiliog, in which Owain praises his own war-band, likens them to the heroes of the Gododdin and uses Y Gododdin as a model. A slightly later poet, Dafydd Benfras, in a eulogy addressed to Llywelyn the Great, wishes to be inspired "to sing as Aneirin sang / The day he sang the Gododdin". After this period this poetry seems to have been forgotten in Wales for centuries until Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) discovered the manuscript in the late 18th century. From the early 19th century onwards there are many allusions in Welsh poetry.
Link for photo
Y Gododdin
Now this brings me to the historical Cassivellaunus.
However the historical Cassivellaunus is the exact same person as the legendary and mythological Caswallawn, mentioned in the Welsh triads.
Quite simply,Cassivellanus was his Roman name, given by Julius Caesar, but Caswallawn was his Celtic name, which is what Celts knew him as.
Cassivellaunus was a historical British tribal chief who led the defence against Julius Caesar's second expedition to Britain in 54 BC. He led an alliance of tribes against Roman forces, but eventually surrendered after his location was revealed to Julius Caesar by defeated Britons.
Cassivellaunus made an impact on the British consciousness. He appears in British legend as Cassibelanus, one of Geoffrey of Monmouth's kings of Britain, and in the Mabinogion, the Brut y Brenhinedd and the Welsh Triads as Caswallawn, son of Beli Mawr. His name in Common Brittonic, \Cassiuellaunos, comes from Proto-Celtic \kassi- "passion, love, hate" (alternately, "long hair", or "bronze") + *uelna-mon- "leader, sovereign".[1]
Link for photo
Caswallawn's city
Now according to Welsh triads Caswallawn awarded certain nobles with titles, including that of Trinovantum (London).
Cassivellaunus appears in Geoffrey of Monmouth's 12th century work Historia Regum Britanniae (History of the Kings of Britain), usually spelled Cassibelanus or Cassibelaunus.[6] The younger son of the former king Heli, he becomes king of Britain upon the death of his elder brother Lud, whose own sons Androgeus and Tenvantius are not yet of age. In recompense, Androgeus is made Duke of Kent and Trinovantum (London),
See article here for Trinovantum
Crocea Mors:
Now, according to Welsh tradition, Caesar during his first invasion had his sword taken off him, and was made to flee back to Gaul.
Caesar invades at the Thames Estuary. During the fighting, Cassibelanus's brother Nennius encounters Caesar and sustains a severe head wound. Caesar's sword gets stuck in Nennius's shield, and when the two are separated in the mêlée, Nennius throws away his own sword and attacks the Romans with Caesar's, killing many, including the tribune Labienus.[7] The Britons hold firm, and that night Caesar flees back to Gaul. Cassibelanus's celebrations are muted by Nennius's death from his head wound. He is buried with the sword he took from Caesar, which is named Crocea Mors (Yellow Death).
First invasion:
Now Caesars accounts of his first invasion do indeed point to a failure.
Though, Caesar did claim a certain success from the first invasion, claiming to have subjugated certain parts of the Southern shores and made alliances with Southern kings.
He mentions nothing about having his sword taken off him, however.
Success and motivation
If the invasion was intended as a full-scale campaign, invasion or occupation, it had failed, and if it is seen as a reconnaissance-in-force or a show of strength to deter further British aid to the Gauls, it had fallen short. Nonetheless, going to Britain beyond the "known world" carried such kudos for a Roman that the Senate decreed a supplicatio (thanksgiving) of twenty days when they received Caesar's report. It is also suggested that this invasion established alliances with British kings in the area which smoothed the later invasion of AD 43.[23]
Link for photo
First landing
Second landing:
Typical, to Caesars claim of having made alliances with kings on the Southern shores, his second invasion attempt one year later was met with no resistance at the landing place in Kent.
Crossing and landing
Caesar landed at the place he had identified as the best landing-place the previous year. The Britons did not oppose the landing, apparently, as Caesar states, intimidated by the size of the fleet, but equally this may have been a strategic ploy to give them time to gather their forces, or may reflect their lack of concern.
Link for photo
Second landing
Return to Gaul:
The triads claim during this campaign, Caesar was again quickly put to flight.
Two years later, Caesar invades again with a larger force. Cassibelanus, forewarned, had planted stakes beneath the waterline of the Thames which gut Caesar's ships, drowning thousands of men. The Romans are once again quickly put to flight.
Roman account:
Caesar got quite far in to British mainland before becoming opposed by Caswallawn, who was also at war with the Southern brits.
And though Caesar claims victory over Caswallawn, he did still decide to withdraw his troops from Britain, back to Gaul, for some unbeknown reason.
March inland first paragraph
Caesar then returned to the Stour crossing and found the Britons had massed their forces there. Cassivellaunus, a warlord from north of the Thames, had previously been at war with most of the British tribes. He had recently overthrown the king of the powerful Trinovantes
March inland fourth paragraph
Cassivellaunus sent word to his allies in Kent, Cingetorix), Carvilius, Taximagulus and Segovax, described as the "four kings of Cantium",[33] to stage a diversionary attack on the Roman beach-head to draw Caesar off, but this attack failed, and Cassivellaunus sent ambassadors to negotiate a surrender. Caesar was eager to return to Gaul for the winter due to growing unrest there, and an agreement was mediated by Commius. Cassivellaunus gave hostages, agreed an annual tribute, and undertook not to make war against Mandubracius or the Trinovantes. Caesar wrote to Cicero on 26 September, confirming the result of the campaign, with hostages but no booty taken, and that his army was about to return to Gaul.[34] He then left, leaving not a single Roman soldier in Britain to enforce his settlement. Whether the tribute was ever paid is unknown.
Caesar was also very complimentary of Caswallawns use of Charriots, which is something the Welsh triads did not mention.
Caesar advanced to the Thames. The only fordable point was defended and fortified with sharp stakes, but the Romans managed to cross it. Cassivellaunus dismissed most of his army and resorted to guerilla tactics, relying on his knowledge of the territory and the speed of his chariots.
Link for photo
Though, in actual fact, Caswallawns charriot likely was mentioned in Triad 38.
His horse was likely Meinlas, and his charriot, slender gray.
Unfortunately, likely mistaken as meaningless poetry.
Welsh literature
Triad 38 names his horse as Meinlas ("Slender Gray") and calls him one of the Three Bestowed Horses of the Island of Britain;[14]
Third invasion attempt:
A sensational claim is made by the Triads.
The triads claim that Caesar actually made a 3rd invasion attempt, and when Caswallawn went to fight them, he was met with an Army of Southerners fighting as Roman allies, and Caswallan was made to surrender to them, and become a vassal to Caesar.
Caesar invades a third time, landing at Richborough. As Cassibelaunus's army meets Caesar's, Androgeus attacks Cassibelaunus from the rear with five thousand men. His line broken, Cassibelanus retreats to a nearby hilltop. After two days siege, Androgeus appeals to Caesar to offer terms. Cassibelanus agrees to pay tribute of three thousand pounds of silver, and he and Caesar become friends.
But this claim is actually supported by Caesar himself.
When Caesar conquered Gaul, turned Commius in to a vassal and sent him to Britain to help gain allies, and Commius did indeed negotiate the surrender of Caswallawn, who would have been taken by surprise by this attack from his fellow brits.
Ally to Caesar
When Julius Caesar conquered the Atrebates in Gaul in 57 BC,[1] as recounted in his Commentarii de Bello Gallico, he appointed Commius as king of the tribe. Before Caesar's first expedition to Britain in 55 BC, Commius was sent as Caesar's envoy to persuade the Britons not to resist him, as Caesar believed he would have influence on the island.[2] However he was arrested as soon as he arrived. When the Britons failed to prevent Caesar from landing, Commius was handed over as part of the negotiations.[3] Commius was able to provide a small detachment of cavalry from his tribe to help Caesar defeat further British attacks.[4] During Caesar's second expedition to Britain Commius negotiated the surrender of the British leader Cassivellaunus.[5]
Link for photo_(cropped).jpg)
Julius Caesar
Mysterious ghost invasion:
Now, this third invasion attempt is in fact supported by a mysterious happening which baffles historians and scholars alike.
Caesar apparently chased Commius across the channel, and Commius became marooned on the british shores, like a lamb to the slaughter, but Caesar, instead of attacking, turned around and headed back to Gaul.
Obviously Caesar was simply coming to get Caswallawns surrender.
Enemy of Caesar
A 1st century AD source, Sextus Julius Frontinus's Strategemata, tells how Commius fled to Britain with a group of followers with Caesar in pursuit. When he reached the English Channel the wind was in his favour but the tide was out, leaving the ships stranded on the flats. Commius ordered the sails raised anyway. Caesar, following from a distance, assumed they were afloat and called off the pursuit.[11]
Link for photo
Commius's jewelry
War with Ireland:
There is also a claim that Southern Britains during this period are also at war with Ireland.
Welsh literature
Cassivellaunus appears as Caswallawn, son of Beli Mawr, in the Welsh Triads, the Mabinogion, and the Welsh versions of Geoffrey's Historia Regum Britanniae known as the Brut y Brenhinedd. In the Second Branch of the Mabinogi, he appears as a usurper, who seizes the throne of Britain while the rightful king, Bran the Blessed, is at war in Ireland.
1287 BC:
And even in Irish mythology, during this period, there is indeed a five year interregnum period where for the first time since 1287 BC, Ireland has no high king, for five years.
Triad 35:
Triad 35 claims that Caswallawn fought Caesar in gaul.
Welsh literature
Triad 35 indicates that Caswallawn left Britain with 21,000 men in pursuit of Caesar and never returned.[16]
Killed 6000 Romans in Gaul:
Also there was apparently a farther 6000 Romans killed in Gaul.
Welsh literature
.[17] A later collection of triads compiled by the 18th-century Welsh antiquarian Iolo Morganwg gives an expanded version of this tradition, including the details that Caswallawn had abducted Fflur from Caesar in Gaul, killing 6,000 Romans, and that Caesar invaded Britain in response.[18]
Gallic wars:
And in Julius Caesars history, he did indeed fight a war known as the Gallic wars, which Caesar did win, and the war resulted in 1 million deaths.
It was a "huge war".
It would have ended with Commius fleeing back to Britain, and with Caswallawns surrender.
Conquest of Gaul
He proved an astute commander, defeating Caesar at the Battle of Gergovia, but Caesar's elaborate siege-works at the Battle of Alesia finally forced his surrender.[67] Despite scattered outbreaks of warfare the following year,[68] Gaul was effectively conquered. Plutarch claimed that during the Gallic Wars the army had fought against three million men (of whom one million died, and another million were enslaved), subjugated 300 tribes, and destroyed 800 cities.[69]
Link for photo
Caswallawn's surrender
Therefore, Rachel Bromwich's notion that the Welsh triads are romance, are inconsistent with the unromantic realities of war, and contemporary history.
Welsh literature
Welsh scholar Rachel Bromwich suggests the fragmentary allusions to Caswallawn in the Triads relate to a narrative of the character that has been lost.[13] This may have been in the form of a romance detailing the king's adventures, but would have been largely uninfluenced by the classical accounts.
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2020.09.24 17:45 TheIpleJonesion [EVENT] Welsh Government Formation and Other Happenings

June 1st, 2021
Adam Price, Senedd leader of Plaid Cymru, and Mark Drakeford, Senned leader of Welsh Labour have preliminarily agreed to form a coalition entitled, “Ymlaen Cymru/Forward Wales,” with Price serving as First Minister of Wales, and Drakeford serving as Deputy Minister of Wales. The coalition holds 40 of the 60 Senedd seats.
Controversy has stemmed from the opening line of the preliminary agreement (in both Welsh and English), which begins, “Wales is a free and equal nation enjoying self-determination...” The agreement does not call for an immediate independence referendum, but does call for greater autonomy, full rights of taxation, and mandatory Welsh-language education. Plaid Cymru has gleefully noted that if the Welsh Assembly results were replicated in Westerminster, they would almost triple their delegation, from 4 to 11. 41% of Welsh voters voted for pro-independence parties.
Nicola Sturgeon has announced she will pass legislation in Holyrood for a Scottish independence referendum on May 7th, 2022, the date of the Northern Irish Assembly election. The Westminister Minister for Scotland has released a short statement noting that Holyrood does not have unilateral secession, referendum, or independence rights and that no permission has been granted by Parliament to hold any new referendum.
Sir Keir Starmer, Leader of the Opposition and Labour Party Leader released an official statement on the recent elections:
“I am pleased to see Labour holding its own across England, Wales, and Scotland, and gaining support in the recent by-election. We will remain in Government in Wales and in London, and in innumerable local councils. This demonstrates the British people are ready for a Labour government to restore our national dignity, support, and alleviate social ills afflicting our country. In those areas where Labour support did fall, it was almost always to a fellow social-democratic party, or a party in opposition to the mismanaged Conservative government. While on a surface level it may appear we are becoming more disunited, we are today more united than ever before- united against the Johnson Government. I am prepared to contest a general election, as these results clearly warrant."
YouGov Poll and Projection: November 3rd- November 5th.
Poll of 1000 voting-eligible citizens in Great Britain. Undecideds Excluded. Margin of Error: +/- 3.5%. Seat Projection by Universal National Swing.
Conservatives, led by PM Boris Johnson: 36% 262 (-101)
Labour, led by Sir Keir Starmer: 38% 280 (+77)
Liberal Democrats, led by Sir Ed Davey: 12% 19 (+7)
Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru: 8% 58/9 (+10/+5)
The Greens, led by Mr Bartley and Ms Barry: 5% 1 (-)
Others: 2% 3 (+2)
Northern Ireland not polled or projected
BBC One Poll
Among Scottish Voters:
"Would you support Scotland becoming an independent country?”
Yes: 55%
No: 40%
Undecided: 5%
Among Welsh Voters:
"Would you support Wales becoming an independent country?”
Yes: 41%
No: 48%
Undecided: 11%
Among Northern Irish Voters:
"Would you support Northern Ireland uniting with Ireland?”
Yes: 51%
No: 48%
Undecided: 1%
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2020.09.24 07:11 BestinBounds Dynamite Results for the 23rd of September 2020

Dynamite Results

Opener - u/Pruef def. u/PhenomenalInferno - The master of creepy shit pulls out a great dub over the ever imposing and always competitive inferno. As always Pruef is looking sharp in the week leading up to Clash of Champions.
u/RyRyLloyd def. u/MrCappie (Tb) - Talking about momentum RyRy steals a win against MrCappie, no doubt boosting his confidence for Clash of Champions. Mr Cappie was in it until the last moment but unfortunately it wasn't to be for the bronnoisseur of broality.
u/525forever def. u/Bonanza86 - The workhorse picks up the win in a brutal affair - but the sort of trench warfare that 525 excels in. Bonanza by no means disgraced himself and next week I'll see what else I can throw at the resilient rookie.
u/VitaminYes2000 def. u/ItzzzWoody - One of the upsets of the night, it shouldn't be to be fair - 'Min2000 is an absolute battler and has had his fair share of upsets to date. The Number 1 seed in NDA - PFS falls just before the tournament starts - are the seeds of doubt beginning to be sown?
u/Chow_Lemon def. u/Brokenpenisjoke (tb) - A seesawing affair see's the Revelry's Mad dog deal to BPJ. In a tightly fought contest Manic snatches a rollup victory and that all important big W.
u/Muzza__44 def. u/mlgbonghits4 - The Scottish civil war has another twist in the tail as Bong falls to Muzza. Is this the recommencing of Muzza's X Division dominance or is this but a blip on the radar for Bong.
u/TeddyBeware def. u/TheFernandBlanc - The seemingly soon to be ROTY teaches Fernand a thing or two about a thing or two. As a wrestler Teddy has matured over the last few months and his loss to Pruef appears to be but a distant memory. Is this the start of something special for Teddy?

Lethal Lottery

u/Dealertokes and u/TheRandomGuy199 def. u/Fsnwj and u/Genisis1224
u/MidknightDreary and u/BenjaminEarl def. u/TheDumi0711 and u/ResinOfficial

And in the Main event!

u/ThatOneGuyHawk def. u/DariusShade (tb) and u/Steve_Chandler_ (not tb) - AND HAWK CLINCHES A PLACE IN NDA - PFS. With the final seeding set we have -

  1. u/ItzzzWoody
  2. u/DealerTokes
  3. u/MidKnightDreary or u/ResinOfficial depending on results at Clash of Champions
  4. u/TheDumi0711
  5. u/MUZZA__44
  6. u/525Forever
  7. u/Pruef
  8. u/ThatOneGuyHawk

Thanks for coming everyone - was good to see no no shows today - tune in next week for another episode of Dynamite.

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2020.09.24 07:00 SteamieBot The Steamie - Thursday 24 September 2020

Weather (Powered by Dark Sky)
Clear throughout the day.
Around 2 to 14 degrees.
Following a fault with the signalling system between Cambuslang and Newton Lanark the line has now reopened.
Train services running through these stations are returning to normal but some services may still be delayed or revised. Disruption is expected until the end of the day.
Let us help you:Please let us try and help you if you are being disrupted. At the station or on-train:* Speak to a member of staff or use the Help-point (station only).* Listen for announcements.* Information will be displayed on Customer Information Screens.Keep up to date or get in touch on your phone:Twitter: Live updates @ScotRail.WhatsApp: Contact us on WhatsApp.App: Live updates on our app. Phone: Contact Customer Relations.
What's On Today
Fuck all. Go out if you must, but stay safe. Don't be a fanny.
Today in Scottish History
Nothing, apparently!
/GlasgowMarket Digest
Synths, Effects Pedals and Recording Gear
WTS PC components
Looking for: Chest of drawers
Tune of the day
First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar (Official Music Video) (suggested by TheSeansei)
Picked from 2 eligible links submitted today. Suggest tomorrow's tune.
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2020.09.23 22:33 TheIpleJonesion [EVENT] Several Minor British Happenings

Cheadle Conservative MP Mary Robinson has resigned, citing a sudden but unsurprising unspecified health concern. A by-election has been scheduled for May 6th, the date of the national local elections. Her seat is a Liberal Democratic-Conservative swing constituency. The Green Party has agreed to stand down their candidate in the hopes of aiding the Liberal Democratic candidate and weakening the Conservatives. The Labour Party has, predictably, refused to stand down.
The Democratic Unionist Party and the Ulster Unionist Party have issued a joint statement condemning a leaked draft of the European Union-United Kingdom Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement as it calls for a regulatory border between Northern Ireland and Britain. Prime Minister Johnson has called the proposed border, “a technical nicety,” and defended it as minor and necessary.
Ahead of the May 6th Scottish Parliament Election, the SNP has pledged to hold a second independence referendum, with or without Westminster's consent, by the summer of 2022 if re-elected, or if a pro-independence majority (including the Greens and Socialists) is elected. Ahead of the May 6th Welsh Senedd Election, Plaid Cymru has said it is willing to enter government in Wales without an independence referendum, but it will demand further devolution and potentially Welsh-language fluency requirements for public office.
A shock BBC poll has found that the British public favors rugby to cricket, and football to both. 72% said they had no interest in watching American-style football if a team were to be relocated to Britain, and 78% said they had no interest in watching American baseball if a team were to be relocated to Britain.
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2020.09.23 21:34 agoldenzebra r/SubredditAdoption Directory

Below are the the posts that are available for adoption right now. This post is updated every morning (PST), so it may be a bit out of date!
For more details on what SubredditAdoption is, please check out the announcement post.
Available Subreddits
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2020.09.23 17:34 Educational_Macaron_ Did slave drivers returning to the UK from Jamaica bring slaves with them?

In Eddo-Lodge's book "Why I'm no Longer Talking to White People about Race" she states:
"Many Scottish men went to work as slave drivers in Jamaica, and some brought their slaves with them when they moved back to Britain"(p5)
She doesn't provide a date (or a reference) but presumably this took place in the 18th Century. What was the status of the slaves when they arrived in Scotland?
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2020.09.23 13:00 cincbus Introducing: The Danish Royal Family

Royal Family Instagram
Queen Margrethe II (b. 1940)
Margrethe is the Queen of Denmark, the supreme authority of the Church of Denmark, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Danish Defense. She takes no part in party politics and does not express any political opinions. She has the right to vote however chooses not to exercise that privilege.
She became heir presumptive to her father in 1953 when a constitutional amendment allowed women to inherit the throne. When it became clear that Queen Ingrid would have no more children (they had 3 girls), her father capitalized on his popularity to begin the constitutional change in 1947. She became Queen when her father, King Frederick IX, died in 1972. She is the first female monarch of Denmark since Margrethe I (1375-1412).
Interesting Facts:
Lord of the Rings Illustrations
Making animal costumes
An interesting article
Her famous raincoat
Check out the latest official portrait of Margrethe, released 9/21/20, to mark her 80th birthday.
Henrik, Prince Consort (1934-2018)
Born Henri Marie Jean André de Laborde de Monpezat
He met Princess Margrethe, who was studying at the London School of Economics, while working at the French Embassy. They dated for a year before Henrik proposed.
Interesting Facts:
Henrik became the first male consort in Danish history. This meant there were no clear descriptions of his duties and he struggled with this throughout his life. He felt frustration with his lesser title and lack of recognition, and was public with his frustrations that his title put him on the same level as his sons and grandsons.
In 2002, he left Denmark for France after his son, the Crown Prince, was made the host of a reception in the absence of Queen Margrethe. "For many years I have been Denmark's number two," he said. "I've been satisfied with that role, but I don't want to be relegated to number three after so many years." Henrik "fled" Denmark to reflect on his status in the Danish Royal Family. Queen Margrethe flew to France to meet her husband. After three weeks he returned to Denmark.
In 2008, Queen Margrethe conferred the new Danish title “Count of Monpezat” to both of her sons and made it hereditary for their male-line descendants, both male and female, as a nod to her husband.
In 2015, it was announced that Henrik would conclude his official duties on January 1, 2016. In April of 2016, Henrik renounced the title of Prince Consort, and in 2017 publicly announced he refused to be buried next to his wife in Roskilde Cathedral, where Danish royals have been buried since 1559.
"It is no secret that the Prince for many years has been unhappy with his role and the title he has been awarded in the Danish monarchy. This discontent has grown more and more in recent years," the Royal Danish House's director of communications told tabloid BT, in a quote verified and translated by Reuters.
"For the Prince, the decision not to buried beside the Queen is the natural consequence of not having been treated equally to his spouse - by not having the title and role he has desired," the spokesperson told the wire service.
Henrik was diagnosed with dementia in 2017 and died in 2018 after complications from a lung infection.
Though Henrik often struggled with his title as Prince rather than as King, their match was still a love match. In fact, prior to his death, he arranged a tribute to Daisy during his funeral. Read about it here.
Crown Prince Frederik (b. 1968)
Full title: Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, Count of Monpezat. Danish Kings alternate between being named Frederik and Christian (you'll see his eldest son is named Christian).
Full Name: Frederik André Henrik Christian
Interesting Facts:
See a video of Fred and Mary on a visit to America
There was a recent documentary of Fred titled "My Way". See a trailer here. I can't seem to find a link to the entire thing so someone help a girl out!
Fred met Australian Mary Elizabeth Donaldson at a Sydney bar (Slip Inn) during the 2000 Sydney Olympics. They started a year-long relationship with Frederik making secret trips to Australia, and in 2001 Mary moved to Denmark. They were married in 2004.
Watch their wedding here. Fred notably cried as his wife walked down the aisle
Deep dive into Mary's dress here
From 2018 – Mary gave one of my all-time favorite (emotional!) speeches as a tribute to her husband on his 50th birthday . Watch here
Crown Princess Mary (b. 1972)
Mary was born the youngest of four children to Scottish parents. She grew up primarily in Tasmania and after graduating from college worked in advertising in Melbourne and Sydney.
Interesting Facts
Mary has been open about her “Princess Training”. She has talked about her struggles in interviews to become fluent in Danish, which has a reputation as one of the hardest to learn due to its eclectic-sounding consonants, hard and guttural sounds and plethora of vowels. She had months of intensive lessons to learn the language.
She enrolled in a $1195 course at Starquest Studios in Double Bay, run by style consultant and actor Teresa Page. The training included instructions on how to relate to other people, how to walk into a room, how to socialize, and how to perform in front of the camera.
She reportedly hired hair and make-up artist Soren Hedegaard to help polish her look in the lead up to her royal wedding, and hired Danish stylist Anja Camilla Alajdi to consult on her fashion choices.
Mary also had to be schooled in Danish society, politics, history and language. Per Thornit was tasked with Mary's royal transition through his role as chief-of-court. He was instrumental in her understanding of Danish political life, taking her to meetings with the Prime Minister, key public servants and other important leaders. Thornit was also helpful in preparing Mary for the finer points of being a princess – including how to accept a bouquet in public and when to discreetly pass it on.
Fred and Mary have 4 children:
Prince Christian (b. 2005)
Princess Isabella (b. 2007)
Prince Vincent (b. 2011) *Twins
Princess Josephine (b. 2011 ) *Twins
Prince Joachim (b. 1969)
Has studied economics, and speaks Danish, French, English, and German. Is currently living in France with his family to attend a military educational program at Ecole Militaire. Earlier in June 2020 the Danish Secretary of Defense appointed the Prince to Brigadier General due to his new acquired educational merits at École Militaire. He was subsequently appointed to Military Attaché at the Royal Danish Embassy in Paris, France for the next three years by the Danish Ministry of Defense. The Prince will commence his new position 1 September 2020.
In July of 2020 was admitted to Toulouse Hospital for a blood clot in his brain. He is currently recovering in France.
In a recent interview Princess Marie, his current wife, was asked about their happiness in France. She indicated that the move “was not their choice”.
Joachim is sometimes known for being a party-prince, and his stay in Paris has raised the eyebrows of some Danes. In the French city, he's said to have no royal responsibilities and is still enjoying a handsome wage – believed to be $834,000 a year – from the Amalienborg Palace’s purse.
First Marriage:
Married Alexandra Manley, a Hong Kong-born sales and marketing executive in 1995. The two met at a dinner party in Hong Kong in 1994 and kept their relationship a secret. They divorced in 2005, however by all accounts have an amicable relationship. Alexandra often attends family events with Joachim and his current wife, Marie, and is included in family pictures if her two children are involved.
Alexandra was gifted a tiara for her wedding and got to keep it after her divorce. It’s one of my favorites.
A popular Copenhagen tabloid had this to say about their divorce: 'It appears Joachim had become ... a party prince with a passion for loud music, strong drink and attractive female company,' Ekstra Bladet reported.
They have two children together:
Read their engagement interview
Their wedding
Second Marriage:
Prince Joachim and Princess Marie met while Joachim was still married to his first wife, Countess Alexandra. They were invited to a dinner and, being the only two French-speaking people invited, their host introduced them. Their romance, however, started much later. They were married in 2008. They have two children together.
Watch their engagement interview
Watch a documentary in English where Marie talks about her life in Denmark
It is reported that there could *possibly* be tension between Joachim’s first and second wives. You can see an article/video here and decide for yourself
Alexandra Manley, Countess of Frederiksborg (b. 1964) (1st wife of Joachim)
Alexandra was born in Hong Kong, the eldest of three daughters. She met Joachim at a party in Hong Kong where he was working for a Danish shipping company.
Alexandra became popular with the Danish people. Known for her fashion sense and charity work, she was dubbed the Diana of the North. She is a native English and German speaker (through her father and mother, respectively), and her fluency in German helped her pick up the Danish language quickly. Within a few months she spoke it nearly without accent, which further endeared her to the Danes.
She and Joachim divorced in 2005 however she was allowed to keep her title. She has been remarried and divorced once since.
Princess Marie (b. 1976) (2nd wife of Joachim)
Marie was born in France, the only child of wealthy parents.
A self-sufficient woman, Marie had held jobs in PR and advertising before landing a gig as an executive secretary in ING Numismatic Group SA, where she worked until her engagement to Joachim.
The Dowager Princess of Sayn-Wittenstein-Berleburg, Princess Benedikte of Denmark (b. 1944)
Often represents her elder sister at official or semi-official events. She married Richard, 6th Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and has 3 children. The couple met at the wedding of Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and Claus von Amsberg the previous year. Benedikte was there representing her father, King Frederik IX of Denmark, and Richard was a close friend of the groom.
She and her two sisters are extremely close. Since her wedding, Princess Benedikte has divided her time between her marital home at Berleburg Castle, Germany, and Denmark, where she keeps residence at Christian VIII’s Palace in the Amalienborg Complex. Her Royal Highness has also acted as Assistant Regent of Denmark in the absence of her sister, the Queen, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim.
See info from their wedding
The Queen of the Hellenes, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece (b. 1946)
We’ll have a separate thread for the Greek Monarchy so I will keep this description short. Anne-Marie is the youngest daughter of King Frederick of Denmark and sister to the current Queen. She married King Constantine II of Greece in 1964.
The Greek monarchy is now defunct. Queen AM and her family retain their titles out of courtesy and lived primarily in London after the downfall of the monarchy, though they have since moved back to Greece. She often appears at events with her eldest sister, the Queen, in Denmark.
New Year's Eve Ball
One of my favorite events of the year, the Danish Royals host a NYE ball for government officials and parliamentarians.
Take a look from 2020 or deep dive into prior years for a tiara-fest. Evening gowns, tiaras, furs, oh my!
See an overview of their tiaras here
Read a previous RoyalGossip thread on their tiaras here
Crown Princess Mary is known as a fashion icon around the world. Feel free to post your favorite outfits of hers below. Personal note - I think she KILLS the evening gown game.
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2020.09.23 10:00 MilesNH My Scottish friend thinks I’m racist to all Scottish people

So my (F20), friend’s (F20) parents are both Scottish and she was born in the country we both reside in. I was born here, as were my parents but all my grandparents are from various different countries, no two the same.
My friend is incredibly proud of her Scottish heritage. She’s so proud in fact that I now know most Scottish lingo, that their aggressive stereotype is apparently very accurate, and that they’re incredibly offended when referred to as English. The offence at being called English I can understand, I’m not English but I live in a country they did invade back in their hay day. I wouldn’t want to be called English, because I’m not. And neither are Scottish people, so why would I call them English.
My friend is constantly talking about Scotland and Scottish people. I get it, your proud of your heritage, I’m proud of mine. My ancestors have done incredible things and their countries are beautiful. I love it, I love being part of that and knowing where my family is from and their history. But I don’t talk about it constantly.
Everytime I see her, she mentions Scotland multiple times. Every single time I’m in her company “oh but Scottish this, Scottish that” and it’s driving me up the wall. I bet anyone would be sick of hearing about another country they’ve never visited if they heard about it as much as I hear about fudging Scotland.
So the other day she said “clothes horse” and I honestly didn’t know what she was on about, but from context I asked if she meant a drying rack for clothes. She confirmed and me and we all started laughing. She started explaining its Scottish, which cool! I love using my countries lingo too! But then continued. AGAIN about Scotland. I made a joke as we were all laughing that I heard way too much about Scotland and she was gonna make me racist against Scottish cause I’m always hearing about them. Now, I really don’t hate Scottish people at all. I love them, they’re hilarious from what I see online. I don’t dislike them at all, it’s just like I love Norwegians cause their language is awesome. Nothing against anyone. And then in all seriousness she said “you ARE racist”.
I’ve never said I hate Scots, Scotland or said anything demeaning about the country. So I was genuinely surprised.
Then a few days later we were out, and somehow on the topic of Britain. I said that when people say British, I automatically think English. I explained it was like word association. If you say you’re Scottish, then you’re Scottish, if you say your British I just think English. I think a lot of people are like this. I then clarified I know that Britain isn’t England. And being British doesn’t make you English.
My friend started to get really angry, saying that was offensive and not to call her English. I tried to clarify again that I wasn’t calling her English, I know she’s of Scottish lineage. She got progressively angrier, telling me I was offensive calling Scottish people English, that she’d told me before I was offensive. I was honestly confused and a bit affronted. She snapped when I was saying that I don’t think she english and I didn’t say she was. I didn’t want to argue and left.
Shortly after she messaged me, saying she knew that I didn’t understand. I’m not from there, but her heritage is really important to her and that’s how she’s been brought up. And not to call her English. (Paraphrasing here)
I don’t even know what to do. She gets so angry, and wouldn’t listen to what I was trying to explain. I have been called less than savoury things because I’m 1/4 German, so as you can imagine I’ve been called some rather offensive words. But the thing is, she’s called me a Nazi because of my heritage. I don’t understand how she can do that and turn around and be like this? She also brushes over every other country that England invaded, she truely doesn’t care and will often zone out if I talk about it during one of more history focused conversations, which is ALWAYS started because she talks about Scotland and the injustices done to them and she doesn’t like English people. She won’t even date English people.
So reddit, my friend truely seems to think I’m racist to all of the Scottish. I don’t know how to explain I just want to not hear about Scotland everytime I see her, I don’t need another history lesson of why England is so bad.
If there’s any Scottish people here who might shed some insight or something I’d really appreciate it.
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2020.09.22 18:49 StevenStevens43 From Gaul to Galilee

From Gaul to Galilee
Galilee is a region mainly located in Northern Israel.
And is apparently an old Hebrew word.
Galilee (Hebrew: הַגָּלִיל‎, HaGalil; Arabic: الجليل‎, romanized: al-Jalīl) is a region mainly located in northern Israel. Galilee traditionally refers to the mountainous part, divided into Upper Galilee (Hebrew: גליל עליון‎, romanized: Galil Elyon) and Lower Galilee (Hebrew: גליל תחתון‎, romanized: Galil Tahton).
Link for photo
Now apparently the word Hebrew comes from the Greek "Hebraios".
Though, ultimately, derived from Genesis 10:21.
The modern English word "Hebrew" is derived from Old French Ebrau, via Latin from the Greek Ἑβραῖος (Hebraîos) and Aramaic 'ibrāy, all ultimately derived from Biblical Hebrew Ivri (עברי), one of several names for the Israelite (Jewish and Samaritan) people (Hebrews). It is traditionally understood to be an adjective based on the name of Abraham's ancestor, Eber, mentioned in Genesis 10:21
Jewhetibew Fendy:
Though, common sense alone, may suggest that the word Jew and Hebrew were well and truly evolving as far back as the reign of Princess Jewhetibew Fendy.
Jewhetibew Fendy
Iuhetibu Fendy (also written Jewhetibew Fendy[1]) was an ancient Egyptian princess of the Thirteenth Dynasty.
Link for photo
Interracial marraige marking the beginning of the 13th dynasty
This marraige is believed to have led to the opening of the door for foreigners in Egypt, resulting in the Hyksos invasion.
Thirteenth dynasty
The Thirteenth Dynasty of ancient Egypt (notated Dynasty XIII) is often combined with Dynasties XI, XII and XIV under the group title Middle Kingdom. Some writers separate it from these dynasties and join it to Dynasties XIV through XVII as part of the Second Intermediate Period. Dynasty XIII lasted from approximately 1803 BC until approximately 1649 BC, i.e. for 154 years.[1]
The 13th Dynasty was a direct continuation of the preceding 12th Dynasty, with its first ruler believed to be a son of Amenemhat IV.[1] Kim Ryholt proposes that the demarcation between the two dynasties reflects the rise of the independent 14th Dynasty in the eastern Delta, an event which, he proposes, occurred during Sobekneferu's reign.[1] As direct heirs to the kings of the 12th Dynasty, pharaohs of the 13th Dynasty reigned from Memphis over Middle and Upper Egypt, all the way to the second cataract to the south. The power of the 13th Dynasty waned progressively over its 150 years of existence and it finally came to an end with the conquest of Memphis by the Hyksos rulers of the 15th Dynasty, c. 1650 BC.[1]
Hyksos invasion:
The Hyksos invasion led to the peoples of the white princess following her in to Egypt. and they caused widespread destruction.
After allowing discipline at the southern forts to deteriorate, the government eventually withdrew its garrisons and, not long afterward, the forts were reoccupied by the rising Nubian state of Kush. In the north, Lower Egypt was overrun by the Hyksos, a Semitic people from across the Sinai. An independent line of kings created Dynasty XIV that arose in the western Delta during later Dynasty XIII. According to Manetho, into this unstable mix came invaders from the east called the Hyksos who seized Egypt "without striking a blow; and having overpowered the rulers of the land, they then burned our cities ruthlessly, razed to the ground the temples of gods..." Their regime, called Dynasty XV, was claimed to have replaced Dynasties XIII and XIV in most of the country.
Link for photo
Native egyptian
However, although Galilee comes from a word with Greek roots, even though the Greeks got that word from Genesis 10.21, when the Greeks referred to Galilee, they were actually referring to Gauls, from Anatolia, in a slightly different abbreviated form.
And Galatia was the Greek name for Anatolia, dating back to a time when the land south of Galatia was still inhabited by a mostly Arabic population.
Galatia (/ɡəˈleɪʃə/; Ancient Greek: Γαλατία, Galatía, "Gaul") was an ancient area in the highlands of central Anatolia, roughly corresponding to the provinces of Ankara and Eskişehir, in modern Turkey. Galatia was named after the Gauls from Thrace (cf. Tylis), who settled here and became its ruling caste in the 3rd century BC, following the Gallic invasion of the Balkans in 279 BC. It has been called the "Gallia" of the East, Roman writers calling its inhabitants Galli (Gauls or Celts).
Link for photo
Now, it goes without saying really, that the language of the Gauls was Gaelic, and Gaul covered a huge territory.
In the West, Gaul included certain northern parts of Italy.
Gaul (Latin: Gallia)[1] was a region of Western Europe first described by the Romans.[2] It was inhabited by Celtic tribes, encompassing present day France, Luxembourg, Belgium, most of Switzerland, and parts of Northern Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany, particularly the west bank of the Rhine. It covered an area of 494,000 km2 (191,000 sq mi).[3]
Link for photo
Latin league:
In fact, the Romans got their Latin language from the Gauls, who were evolving in to speaking a more modern Latinised Gaelic version of language, when the Romans conquered the Latin league, and adopted their language, which was still partially Gaelic.
Roman leadership of the league
During the reign of Tarquinius Superbus, the Latins were persuaded to acknowledge the leadership of Rome. The treaty with Rome was renewed, and it was agreed that the troops of the Latins would attend on an appointed day to form a united military force with the troops of Rome. That was done, and Tarquin formed combined units of Roman and Latin troops.[4]
The early Roman Republic formed an alliance with the Latin League in 493 BC. According to Roman tradition, the treaty, the foedus Cassianum,[5] followed a Roman victory over the league in the Battle of Lake Regillus.
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Latin league headquarters
Dorian invasion:
And even the Greek language, which plays back words to people, is actually not an ancient language in the scale of things, and they got their language from the Dorian invasion.
There would be a very strong chance that the Dorians were the very same people that were conquering their territory, in both Greece, and Anatolia.
And the Dorians came from the North, pushing south around 1000 BC.
Dorian invasion
The Dorian invasion is a concept devised by historians of Ancient Greece to explain the replacement of pre-classical dialects and traditions in southern Greece by the ones that prevailed in Classical Greece. The latter were named Dorian by the ancient Greek writers, after the Dorians, the historical population that spoke them.
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Dorian invasion
In fact, Westerners in this region can be dated back to the Hittite empire of 1600 BC.
The Hittites (/ˈhɪtaɪts/) (Ancient Greek: Χετταίοι, Latin Hetthaei) were an Anatolian people who played an important role in establishing an empire centered on Hattusa in north-central Anatolia around 1600 BC. This empire reached its height during the mid-14th century BC under Šuppiluliuma I, when it encompassed an area that included most of Anatolia as well as parts of the northern Levant and Upper Mesopotamia.
Link for photo
Hittite empire
The Hittite empire was an Aryan empire, centred by the Indo-Aryan coregents of Mitanni, which united Indus valley to Europe.
Though the Indo-Aryan kings of Mitanni ruled a land mostly populated by non indo-european speaking Arabs.
While the Mitanni kings and other members of royalty bore names resembling Indo-Aryan phonology,[4] they used the language of the local people, which was at that time a non-Indo-European language
Link for photo
Indo Aryan co-regents
Now, according to Jewish tradition, Hebrew simply means from the otherside of the rivedesert.
There is much speculation as to where the otherside is.
However a clue could come from Abraham.
Wherever the otherside is, the Hebrew language is supposed to have evolved from a descnedant of Abraham named Eber.
It is traditionally understood to be an adjective based on the name of Abraham's ancestor, Eber, mentioned in Genesis 10:21. The name is believed to be based on the Semitic root ʕ-b-r (עבר) meaning "beyond", "other side", "across";[19] interpretations of the term "Hebrew" generally render its meaning as roughly "from the other side [of the rivedesert]"—
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Now according to Welsh, Scottish and Irish tradition, Ebraucus (Gaelic word) from 1050 BC was a king of Albany.
Ebraucus (Welsh: Efrawg/Efrog) was a legendary king of the Britons), as recounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was the son of King Mempricius before he abandoned the family.
He is attributed to having founded Eboracum (York).
He founded two settlements: Kaerebrauc, the City of Ebraucus (Eboracum), north of the Humber (this later became York, whose Welsh name is Efrog); and Alclud in Albany
Link for photo
Constantine after conquering Eboracum
And York was indeed known as Eboracum during pre-roman times.
Eboracum (Latin /ebo'rakum/, English /iːˈbɒrəkəm/ or /ˌiːbɔːˈrɑːkəm/)[1] was a fort and later a city in the Roman province of Britannia. In its prime it was the largest town in northern Britain and a provincial capital. The site remained occupied after the decline of the Western Roman Empire and ultimately evolved into the present-day city York, occupying the same site in North Yorkshire, England.
Link for photo
Skeleton found in stone coffin in York
Now, the sea of Galilee is known as "the harp", due to it's shape.
The region in turn gave rise to the English name for the "Sea of Galilee" referred to as such in many languages including ancient Arabic. In the Hebrew language, the lake is referred to as Kinneret (Numbers 34:11, etc.), from Hebrew kinnor ('harp', describing its shape);
Link for photo
Now it is not impossible that a king in Gaul, could be related to a king in Galilee.
Particularly as Goolish and Hibernian looking peoples are known to have acquired the highest positions of Ancient egypt dating back to 3000 BC.
Mereruka served during the Sixth Dynasty of Egypt as one of Egypt's most powerful officials at a time when the influence of local state noblemen was increasing in wealth and power. Mereruka held numerous titles along with that of Vizier), which made him the most powerful person in Egypt after the king himself.[1]
Link for photo
Eber finn:
Oh, and i almost forgot Eber finn from Irish tradition.
He was a Gaelic Irish high king from 1287 BC.
Eber finn
Éber Finn (modern spelling: Éibhear Fionn), son of Míl Espáine, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a High King of Ireland and one of the founders of the Milesian) lineage, to which medieval genealogists traced all the important Gaelic royal lines.
Geoffrey Keating dates his reign to 1287 BC,[3]
Link for photo
High king of Ireland
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2020.09.22 13:04 s13j13 Landlord pursuing me for deposit 2 years after moving out

I moved into a flat in June 2017 on a 1 year Scottish short term assured tenancy. I was a student at the time so I paid 6 month's rent up front in lieu of a guarantor (£2100) plus a £450 deposit.
My landlord was pretty good at dealing with small problems such as a curtain pole needing fixed and a window that didn't open properly but then became very difficult to contact when I had bigger problems.
I had water literally pouring in through the ceiling whenever it rained. I also had damp patches in the bedroom from a neighbors leaking waste pipe. I wrote several emails to the landlord and called him and he didn't reply. I eventually had the council come out and look at it and they told me that they also weren't able to get in touch with the landlord.
In November I emailed him and said that I wished to move out as the flat wasn't suitable to live in and that he should arrange an inspection/handover. He didn't reply to this either.
On the date that I was due to move out, I called the letting agents and told them everything and they said they will try to contact the landlord to arrange dropping off the keys. They called me back and told me the landlord says it's okay to drop the keys with them which I did.
I moved out, dropped the keys off and applied for my full deposit back. 30 working days passed and they never answered the deposit return request so I got the full amount back automatically.
Now, 2 years later I've had a letter through the door (not sure how he got my address) saying that he wants the £450 deposit back or the full amount for the 6 month's rent. Do I have to pay either of these? Thanks.
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2020.09.22 12:58 denistidus Leslie Benzies (Build A Rocket Boy Boss) raised 32 million£ in private investments for Everywhere

I post the full text here as it asked me to subscribe to see it:
One of the leading minds behind Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series, Leslie Benzies, is planning a blockbuster comeback, raising £32m from Chinese and New York investors for his latest sci-fi video game. The former President of the Edinburgh games studio raised the cash for upcoming title Everywhere, an open world science fiction game where “technology has brought human kind to the precipice” in a vast multiplayer simulation. Mr Benzies' new studio, Build a Rocket Boy, was founded in 2016 after he left Rockstar. In its latest funding round, the studio raised £32m, according to data from the consultancy Beauhurst. Companies House filings show Chinese gaming Netease, Cayman fund Makers and New York cryptocurrency investor Galaxy Interactive have backed Mr Benzies’ company. Galaxy Interactive is a fund of Galaxy Digital, an investment company founded by Wall Street veteran and cryptocurrency investor Mike Novogratz. Netease, China’s second largest gaming company after Tencent, has previously invested in UK companies including Improbable. Mr Benzies, a Bafta-winning producer, helped develop the Scottish studios hit run of Grand Theft Auto games, a series that pits players against police and rival gangs in violent, crime ridden cities. Its Grand Theft Auto V game is the most profitable video game in history, making more than $6bn (£4.6bn) since it was released. But Mr Benzies left Rockstar in what descended into an acrimonious legal battle over $150m in royalties with parent company Take-Two Interactive. The dispute ended in a confidential settlement. Mr Benzies claimed he was locked out of royalty payments after being asked to go on sabbatical in 2014. This led to a bitter legal dispute lasting until 2019. His new company has studios in Edinburgh, Budapest and Los Angeles. But Build a Rocket Boy was hit by further pre-action claims from Take Two in January 2019, which accused Mr Benzies of poaching staff for his new company. According to Take Two's latest accounts, all disputes with Mr Benzies have now been resolved. Mr Benzies helped design Grand Theft Auto III, San Andreas and IV. He also helped build Rockstar's biggest success, Grand Theft Auto V. The tongue-in-cheek crime game, featuring a vast open world, has been the most financially successful video game of all time. In total, it has sold more than 135m copies and made more than $6bn in sales. It remains popular seven years after it was first released.
Mr Benzies has revealed few details about his new title other than that it will be feature an open world. He has said he wants to offer players huge freedom of choice across a variety of game modes. It does not yet have a release date.
Among its board members are Christopher Robichaud, a leading ethics professor at Harvard, who is known for using pop culture and even Dungeons and Dragons to teach philosophy.
Build a Rocket Boy did not respond to requests for comment.
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2020.09.21 15:29 SabatonBabylon The HEL Jumper [Chapter 3.27]

Book 1 of The HEL Jumper
Book 2 of The HEL Jumper
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Thanks to Big_Papa_Dakky, Darth_Android, bloblob, AMERICUH, The_Real_Jumper, Mr_Polygon, Krystalin, Damned_Thrice, Mamish, Vikairious, Sam_Berry, RedHawkdude, KillTech, LilLaussa, Daddy_Talon, Gruecifer, Gaelan_Darkwater, Konrahd_Verdammt, red-shirt, DaPorkchop, Benjamin Durbin, and everyone supporting me on patreon.
“Knock knock, anyone home?” Alice called, rapping politely against the door frame of Sentaura’s dwelling. Compared to anything on Earth it was modest, but it was easily one of the nicer homes in the village. She didn’t mind, however. Antoth had apologized profusely several times since placing Alice in her now cozy little blockhouse, and she’d waved him off each time for good measure.
It helped that new furnishings and technology from the Event Horizon showed up almost daily with Pilot Cromwell. She had a desk and lamp, a second sleeping pad and pillow, a laptop for recording her notes and working with photographic documentation of Cauthan life, and a digital picture frame that alternated between a photograph of her family and one of her and Russell with Veera, Lachlan, Xan, Asha, and Zolta. In short, the idea of Lachlan staying at a ‘nicer’ residence than hers was a moot point. Instead she saw it as a testament to Ratha’s influence and the kindness of the village at large. The man in question poked his head out of the bedroom as Sentaura and her son prepared breakfast.
“Good mornin’, lassie! What brings ya ta this neck o’ the woods?”
“The amazing cooking, of course. It smells wonderful in here,” Alice replied, earning an approving glance from the matron of the family. She waved her in, a cooking spoon in hand.
“Please, no need to wait outside in the streets. Do you have need of Lachlan today?”
“I sense she was lookin’ fer a bite,” the Marine jested, prompting Alice to reach into her satchel and withdraw two ration bars and wave them in his face.
“I am perfectly capable of feeding myself, Lachlan,” she declared proudly, earning a confused look from him.
“If that’s yer wish I ain’t gonna stop ya. So what’s going on, Alice?” he asked, wiping a bit of sleep from his eyes. Sentaura rose and began her labors at the crack of dawn every day, and apparently Alice was capable of such a thing as well. Her reply was interrupted as Ursol latched onto Lachlan’s leg and proceeded to hide from Alice behind him. “Now what’s gotten into you, fluffy lad? It’s just Alice! You were grabbin’ her hair the first time you two met. Now go say good mornin’ nice and polite, would ya?”
“Do as Uncle Lachlan says, Ursol,” his mother commanded, now busy peeling dato with a simple knife. Alice meanwhile was looking quite surprised and excited at how Sentaura had referred to her houseguest. As though suddenly struck by the memory that Alice was, indeed, a human he’d interacted with before, minus the different clothing and the fact her hair was done up in a bun that day, the little furball toddled over to her and waved.
“Selah and good morning to you!” Alice replied, her pitch rising as she ribbed her friend after greeting the young Cauthan. “So Uncle Lachlan, huh? Super cute. I might start using it. How are you, Ursol?”
“I’m good! Are you going to play with me today?” he asked, prompting Alice to pick him up as Sentaura sighed and shook her head.
“You humans pamper him.” She didn’t seem upset about that fact.
“That could be arranged,” Alice considered, happy that she’d done her hair up that morning. Ursol didn’t explicitly go after it, but much like a human child he was very hands-on. There was no need to present him with extra targets. He settled down soon though, looking around curiously from his new vantage point. “There you go, I’m not going to drop you. So, what’s up Lachlan?”
The Marine cocked his brow at her with an exasperated smile. “I was asking ya the same question, lassie. What brings you over here today?”
“First day on our own,” Alice laughed. “Natori and the Event Horizon are gone, my brother and Veera are off at the other site. Just you and me for a couple days! Figured I’d come by and say hi. But yeah, there is something I need to talk to you about.”
“Oh I don’t like that phrase,” Lachlan replied cautiously. “When a lass says we need to talk, that ne’er ends well.”
“Oh stop it you! We aren’t even dating. And it’s got nothing to do with you and me, well not directly anyway,” she clarified.
“If it is not a secret for human ears only, perhaps you could discuss it over breakfast,” Sentaura suggested.
“Oh that’s so nice of you, but I wouldn’t want to impose. There’s only so much food and all,” Alice demurred. Sentaura waved her off.
“Nonsense. You can have some of Lachlan’s portion and then share your human food with him later if he’s still hungry. Ursol, go fetch some water for us. No complaints if you want to play today.”
Alice set the young boy down, allowing him to pick up an empty bucket and toddle off out the door. “Will he be alright?” she wondered.
“If he is not, he will be punished later,” Sentaura clarified easily. “Breakfast will be ready soon, but please do not let me keep you from your necessary conversation.”
Lachlan gestured to one of the chairs in the room but Alice waved him off, depositing her bag by the door instead and leaning against the wall. “I’m fine, Lachlan. Did Natori tell you before he left?”
“Tell me what? What’s the Admiral up to now?” MacGregor demanded uneasily as he and Alice both couldn’t help a bit of a smirk. Natori was just such a man.
“This time? Nothing, believe it or not, but I had assumed he would at least have told you before leaving. It’s actually about something Gentia said when we were explaining where Thantis would be going.”
“I think I’ve had quite enough of ya beatin’ around the bush, lassie. What did the head mum have to say?” he pressed. At the mention of Gentia’s name, Sentaura’s ears perked up as well, though she made a point of looking busy around the cooking fire. There was still plenty to do.
“Well, it’s kind of crazy,” Alice admitted, reaching for a strand of her hair to play with that proved elusive. “You know that little cub Ketra, the one who lost her parents last year?”
“Yeah so, she said she wants Ketra to be raised or adopted by humans.” Alice fell silent as Lachlan stared quietly at her, letting the ambient sounds of the cooking fire fill the space again. Sentaura was shaking her feathers.
“Perhaps her age is finally getting to her,” she murmured, more perplexed than anything.
“Not to risk offendin’ a high priest, but that does sound a bit… off?” Lachlan tried. Alice furrowed her brows at him and squared her shoulders against the wooden wall behind her.
“She wants Ketra to have a better life. What’s wrong with that? We should be thrilled that her experience with humanity has been so positive!”
“Nothin’s wrong with it, of course,” Lachlan acknowledged. “But ya don’t think it would be a bit odd for Ketra ta grow up and eventually start askin’ why no one looks like her?”
“Of course I know it would be odd, but I think we should still do it if everyone agrees. No one says we need to hide Ketra from her heritage even if she’s raised like a human child. Xan proposed that a Cauthan be involved, probably a woman since Ketra is a girl too. I think it’s a splendid idea,” Alice reasoned. It was the Scotsman’s turn to frown.
“How about we take a few steps back, Alice. When you say ‘we’, I’m startin’ ta get the idea that-”
“I do think you and I should be candidates,” she confirmed. “That’s why I came to talk with you today. I think we should speak with Gentia without Natori looking over our shoulders. That’s assuming you’re amenable, of course. Please?”
“Hmm, how bold,” Sentaura chuckled lightly, finding some small enjoyment in Lachlan’s flustered demeanor as her son returned from his task, sloshing plenty of water onto the street as he did so. “Thank you, sweetie. Now come help me stir the pot while Uncle Lachlan and Alice have their talk.”
“No that’s quite alright, mum. This conversation is over, I’m thinkin’,” the Marine insisted firmly. “Alice, be reasonable here!”
“This isn’t even my idea! How am I being unreasonable?” she demanded, crossing her arms over her chest. Lachlan let out a bark of laughter.
“Where do ya want me to start, lassie? The bit about goin’ behind Admiral Kaczynski’s back or the bit where you think you or I should be helpin’ to raise an orphan?”
“Oh yes, heaven forbid people like us raise a child. I’m serious, Lachlan!” Alice protested.
“I know ye are, and that’s the problem!” he said firmly, though his tone remained moderate. “Think about it, Alice.”
“Oh really? That’s the line you want to go with? ‘Think about it, Alice’,” she mimicked sarcastically. “It’s literally my job to think about things like this! And you know what I think? I think Natori might do something foolish, like putting Ketra with Gerard and Yvonne Dupuis for starters. I would bet my entire year’s salary he accepts Gentia’s offer and then the question is who? If my brother and Veera turn the offer down, as they have once already, I can’t think of a better idea. Can you? Do you have any other humans in mind who have spent a day living around Cauthan, much less weeks?”
Lachlan paused a moment, rubbing his face as he silently acknowledged Alice’s point on the subject of a particular Admiral and the given circumstances. He glanced back to Sentraura and Ursol, finding them quite enraptured as they stirred a morning stew of vegetables and dato. He smiled at the little cub, whose curious face and eyes could melt even the sternest of hearts. “Alice, what’s wrong with the doctors? They’re experienced parents and Yvonne’s got a degree in infant care among other things, right?”
Alice’s mouth curled slightly as Lachlan moved from denial to bargaining. “Nothing is wrong with Gerard and Yvonne, Lachlan. I have no doubt they’d make exceptional surrogate parents or grandparents. The latter would be better, I think. I’m just saying though, how would you feel if you were raised by aliens and your alien parents were elderly and passed away shortly after you reached maturity? That’s a much different life than being raised by a young couple who, God willing, should be around to guide you until you have your own children and such.”
“I daresay she has been giving this a bit of thought, Lachlan,” Sentaura interrupted with an approving tone. “Please, everyone grab a bowl and eat while it’s hot. I don’t mean to be rude but I’ll not be serving my guests cold stew.”
The pause in conversation was most welcome for the young Marine, and Lachlan insisted that Sentaura take the first bowl herself, followed by Ursol. He then ladled out a portion for himself and Alice, which was more than he might eat on a given morning but certainly less than two humans might consume. Alice rested a hand on his arm and smiled at him, indicating her approval. “Awawa, hot! Mama, it’s hot!” Ursol declared, dropping a steaming piece of dato back into his bowl and splashing a bit on his tunic. Sentaura sighed and wiped him down quickly.
“Ursol, you’re a big boy now. Surely you can blow on your own food to cool it down? And not too hard. If you spill your soup you’ll be in trouble,” she warned. Lachlan pointed his spoon at the little Cauthan, pursed his lips, and demonstrated.
“Nice an’ easy, laddie. Yer mum didn’t work so hard this mornin’ just to have you splashin’ it about now!” Alice watched in fascination as Ursol did just that, blowing lightly on his food before observing it keenly, giving it a sniff, and then taking a nibble. Satisfied that it was of a reasonable temperature, he swiftly took the rest into his mouth only to scrunch up his face in discomfort.
“Still hot!”
Lachlan and Alice laughed lightly, sounds that seemed to make Ursol very pleased with his antics before he busied himself with breakfast again. Sentaura managed a wan smile, and the meal continued without major disturbance. When they concluded, Alice stood and ruffled MacGregor’s hair before handing him one of her ration bars. “Sorry, Mac. I’ll be at the temple if you want to stop by.”
“Momma, she touched his feathers!” Ursol immediately remarked, pointing and bouncing on the balls of his feet as Lachlan looked at the entryway with a mixture of confusion and annoyance on his face. Sentaura smiled genuinely and took her son’s empty bowl.
“Yes, but humans are different from Cauthan, Ursol. We do not touch feathers like that. If you wish to learn how to touch humans correctly, you must speak with Lachlan or Alice or Winters.”
“But the white one is scary,” Ursol murmured. MacGregor watched closely as Sentaura set aside the dirty dinnerware and took her son into her arms, soothing him with a gentle voice.
“Sometimes, my son, you need to be scary to protect the things you love. I am sure Lachlan would be happy to teach you instead.” He nodded an affirmative when she glanced his way.
“Course, mum,” the Marine replied quietly, wondering for the first time what Ursol might or might not have seen on the night of the raid, perhaps when fleeing his burning home. “I’m sorry about Alice. Sometimes she just has these ideas and-”
“It sounds like it was the Mother’s idea, Lachlan, not Alice’s. If she wishes to play a role in such a thing, that is for Gentia to decide. And it is clear she will look to you for support,” Sentaura pointed out, her tone indicating that such things were obvious. She cleaned the fur around Ursol’s muzzle with a few licks of her tongue before turning him over to Lachlan. “Could I trouble you to see him to the temple this morning?”
“Of course, Sentaura,” he agreed easily.
“Uncle Lachlan, hunter games?” Ursol suggested. The Marine laughed and picked him up, placing the young boy on his knee.
“Right after breakfast? You’ll be crampin’ up something awful, laddie,” he warned.
“Nuh-uh!” Ursol insisted pointedly as his mother gathered her effects for another day in the fields as harvest season approached.
“Alright, but don’t blame me if you find yerself losing that breakfast! Let’s go. One lap around the village before school then. Hunters gotta be fast, right?”
“Right!” Ursol cheered, hopping to the ground and running out the door. Sentaura handed him Ursol’s lunch for the day, swishing her tail behind her in contemplation.
“This… may not be my place Lachlan, but you have been a welcome addition to my home and I would ask this question of you.”
“Is that… is that Cauthan for we need ta talk? Because there’s only so much of that a man can take in a day,” he protested lightly. Her eyes narrowed slightly as her expression softened.
“We have not known each other for long, but I would hope that by now you would understand that if we needed to talk I would out and say it. I just wanted to know if there is something wrong with Alice. Is she not fertile? Are her features undesirable?”
The Marine was caught flatfooted. “I don’t get your meanin’, Sentaura.”
“Are you mated to another female then?”
“Oh that’s what this is-” Lachlan rubbed his face with his hands, pulling his moustache downward before running his fingers through his beard. “It’s complicated, Sentaura. An’ even if it weren’t complicated I couldn’t just hop to it without knowin’ I love her.”
The young but world-wise Cauthan blinked twice, cocking her head as she mulled over her question. “How could you know such a thing like love without bringing life into the world with her?”
“Uncle Lachlan, I wanna play!” Ursol popped his head back in the door, is face fraught with childish impatience.
“I should be going, Sentaura. I’ll see ya in the fields later,” Lachlan insisted softly, bowing in thanks for breakfast before grabbing his gear and heading out after Ursol.
“Ah well, Valta only knows no male is perfect,” Sentaura concluded.
“Alice Winters, good morning to you. What brings you to my temple today? Feeling restless with your brother gone?” Gentia asked knowingly, leaving a small gaggle of young Cauthan under the care of several of her acolytes while she went to speak with the human.
“Selah to you, Gentia,” Alice replied formally before easing into the conversation. They sat on a bench nearby, so the acolytes and children alike would know that the head priestess was still watching them learn. “I daresay you must feel the same. Would it be rude to ask how long it was since you spent a night away from Thantis?”
“You remind me of myself when I was young,” the old Cauthan admitted. “Always asking the pointed questions, hmm? I will be frank; it was difficult. We have been constant companions for more years than I can number. All I can pray for is that when the time comes, the Mother and her father see fit to receive us at the same time. I’m sorry, you surely didn’t come here to listen to an old female like me ruminate on life and death.”
“No, but don’t let me stop you. I’m sure I could learn a lot from that sort of chat,” Alice responded politely. Gentia waved her off.
“Bah, how depressing. We will have words if he’s not returned to me soon instead, hmm! Now, what else is on your mind? Your forehead is wrinkled. When your brother does this it usually means he’s frustrated or thinking very hard about something. Is that painful?”
Alice placed her fingers to her lips and giggled. Gentia joined in quietly for just a moment. “No, thankfully it’s not painful. Our faces are like your feathers. We have a great deal of control over the muscles under the skin, and we’re very attuned to one another’s expressions.” To demonstrate, Alice waggled her eyebrows and showed off how much minute control she had over the movement of her lips and mouth.
“You have made your point quite splendidly,” Gentia told her as multiple young Cauthan began trying to imitate her with various degrees of success. “Oh just go on and play, all of you. We will have lessons this afternoon instead.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Alice suddenly adopted a reserved expression as the gathering of cubs immediately scattered laughing and shouting to the far corners of the temple to play. Thankfully, none bolted for the door.
“Oh, them? Think nothing of it, Alice. They’ve been looking for an excuse all morning. Sometimes it is best to give a little and then take. Though I will say Ursol has been instigating disruptions far less than usual over the past cycle. Please give your companion my thanks. I assume it’s on account of him running the boy ragged every day. Meylith bless him.”
“That’s… actually what I wanted to discuss today,” Alice continued, taken aback as Gentia’s eyes began to sparkle in a manner reminiscent of her husband.
“O-ho! You’ve decided to be his mate then? We would be happy to allow you use of this space for your ceremony!” Gentia nodded, quite pleased with herself indeed as Alice spluttered and waved her hands quickly in front of her.
“No no no! That’s not what I meant at all! I was referring to your suggestion to Natori the other day, about Ketra.”
“My condition, you mean?” the Cauthan clarified sharply, looking around her temple and quickly locating the ball of light brown fur. “Of course, let us talk then. Centille, you can leave Ketra with us.”
“Thank you, Gentia,” the younger priestess replied with relief audible in her voice. The little cub was discontented for one reason or another that morning, and was quite indisposed to remaining in Centille’s arms. “I’ll go look after the others.”
“Please bring us a bit of grain and water first, she may be hungry. Then you may go,” Gentia requested. Centille bowed before hurrying off to the granary to comply with her orders while the older female addressed the cub on her lap. “Now what’s gotten your feathers all bent out of shape, little one? Oh, it is your feathers! Well look at you, you’ll be a fine young female with a grand crest one day. All the rowdy little males will be clamoring to be yours.”
Alice watched with great interest as Gentia unsheathed her claws ever so slightly and began running them in one direction from the top of Ketra’s forehead, over top, and all the way down to the base of her neck. The tiny Cauthan let out something of a squeak but settled down shortly as her elder scratched the itch of new feather growth. Gentia rested her cane against the bench and adjusted her hold on the little one before speaking quietly to Alice again. “I will have to teach Centille about this, I suppose. She is wonderful with the older cubs. I am sure that will change when she has her own. Ah, thank you Centille. Just place the bowl here, would you?”
The acolyte left the small amount of food on the bench next to Gentia before bowing and returning to her duties. “She’s so cute,” Alice couldn’t help but whisper, waving her fingers at Ketra who, being pampered, looked ready to doze off for a little snooze instead of continuing to be difficult.
“She’s a handful and a half is what she is,” Gentia said. Alice tittered.
“So that was your plan then? Have the humans raise the difficult child?” she joked, hoping the translation would prove adequate.
“How could you suggest something so very like me?” The priestess feigned shock before pivoting to a quite serious demeanor. “Do you think it is a wise decision?”
“I… a- what?” Alice stammered. “You’re asking me?”
Gentia gazed at her for several seconds as she ordered her thoughts. “If I understand correctly you have spent almost all of your life studying and learning, no? Surely that counts for something. Even I am still subject to fits of passion or flights of fancy. I serve the Mother, but no one says I must always act like her, hmm? Sometimes calling on a bit of Valta or the Twins might be prudent. But it strikes me now that humans wouldn’t know to do what I’m doing. I wonder how many other moments in her life would be subject to the same problem.”
“Well, you could always teach us? I liked Xan’s idea,” Alice admitted, hands in her lap.
“And what happens when you return to your home?” Gentia pointed out.
“Yeah, I know. Part of me wants to say that all mothers have to go through that though, even human ones. We have to learn how to take care of our children on our own, maybe with our own mother’s help. You can know about teething all you like but I’m sure that it’s different when you have your own baby in your arms. That’s when our infants get their first set of teeth, by the way,” she explained.
“Your young are not born with teeth? How do they eat?” Gentia asked.
“They consume food in liquid form exclusively for quite some time and then slowly transition to a solid diet,” Alice explained.
“I can never decide if your people are more similar or different to mine than at first glance,” the priestess mused, humming gently to the cub that was now snoozing in her arms, one stubby paw hanging limp at her side. “But it would appear that question will need to wait for another time, Alice. I have a great duty to fulfill this morning it would seem.”
That duty took the form of none other than the village Huntress, as Ratha stood silently just inside the doorway to the temple. Alice found herself feeling quite nervous under the Cauthan’s scrutiny, as no amount of height disadvantage or pregnant belly seemed capable of dulling Ratha’s sharp, predatory gaze. “Want to have a little fun?” Gentia asked.
“With Ratha? No, I think I’m good,” Alice decided immediately.
“Be that as it may, unless you intend to examine her yourself I would ask you to take this bundle of joy from me, just for now. Should she wake, simply repeat what I was doing to calm her, or soak some grain in water and offer it to her. Gods willing this will not take long, despite the fact that her first visit should have been a season ago,” the priestess said, raising her voice enough so that Ratha would be able to hear her.
“Well I’m here now, Gentia. I can come back later. Human,” came the Huntress’ greeting. Alice’s capacity to respond was replaced by the need to accept a snoozing Ketra from Gentia. She was very careful to ensure the cub’s head remained supported as she cradled the little fuzzball, but the developmental differences between humans and Cauthan seemed to render that consideration a bit less important. If young Cauthan were born with teeth, Alice supposed it wasn’t too much to assume they would be capable of supporting the weight of their own heads much earlier in life.
“No no, far be it from me to impose upon you, Ratha. I just pray you didn’t finally come to us because something is amiss. Thank you, Alice. Call upon any of the acolytes if you have need of them. And no snide comments, my dear,” Gentia insisted of Ratha. “As you can see her feathers are coming in and we just got her to sleep.”
A shiver ran up Alice’s spine from the way Ratha sized her up, but if the Huntress had any thoughts about a human holding one of her village’s orphans, she kept it to herself. So far as Alice knew, Ketra was not the daughter of any of ‘Ratha’s people’. Instead the auburn furred Cauthan strode onward, accompanied by Gentia who immediately launched into what Alice supposed was a standard set of questions for expecting Cauthan mothers. Ratha did not speak a word until they disappeared into the next room over. “Well, that was terrifying,” Alice whispered, looking down at Ketra. “To think she used to look like you one day, long ago. Okay I’m sorry, please don’t wake up! I’ll talk inside my own head.”
To Alice’s relief, Ketra’s sudden movement was nothing more than a sleepy adjustment as the little one snuggled up to her, presumably for warmth. Alice had to bring her free hand to her mouth in an attempt to contain a squeal of delight before whipping her head around as a low voice spoke to her from behind. “Practicin’?”
“Lachlan!” she hissed, gesturing for him to sit next to here. Ursol had just run off to join his fellows, having arrived after his jog around the village. “She just fell asleep and Gentia had to leave.”
The Marine yielded and held his hands up in front of his chest, content to take a moment and join Alice in silent watch over the little one. Though he’d made something of a habit out of it, there was nothing stipulating he had to assist Sentaura in the fields each day. Instead he watched Alice as she rocked her torso gently back and forth, once or twice reaching for her hair before remembering again it was tied tightly behind her head. It was a side of her that he’d not seen before, and Sentaura’s words came back to haunt him. He didn’t know about love, but there was something undeniably compelling about a woman caring for an infant. Given how fluffy the infant in question was, the species barrier was a non-issue in terms of the adorable factor. If anything, it was a plus.
“What was the last time you showered?” Alice suddenly asked. Lachlan groaned and scooched away from her on the bench.
“Look, it’s not like I can get back up ta the ship right now.”
“I know, I’m just teasing,” she assured him quietly. “That’s the real reason we’re not supposed to interact with pre-industrial civilizations. No indoor plumbing. Oh no no no no no! I’m sorry! Please go back to sleep!”
Ketra’s surprise at finding herself in the arms of an alien was more than apparent as her little eyes fluttered open and she evaluated the situation rather than return to slumber. Alice began to panic as Ketra grew restless, squirming around and making adorable but disgruntled noises.
“Ok then, how about some food?” she suggested, taking a piece of Maran grain and dipping it in the water before offering it to the cub. She was not impressed. “No? Oh geez, alright. Is it your feathers? Are they annoying you?”
Lachlan watched in nervous silence as Alice began running her nails, which had last been painted pink so long ago than more than half of the enamel had chipped off, along Ketra’s scalp. More than one of the priestesses of Meylith was watching out of the corner of their eye, but Alice was intent on salvaging the situation and they seemed amenable to allowing her the chance.
“Rock a bye baby, on the tree tops,” Alice began singing. “When the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall and… oh my God, why is that even a nursery rhyme?” she whispered as Ketra began to protest her current condition more loudly. “Lachlan, help!”
“What am I supposed ta do?” he demanded.
“You’re so good with Ursol!”
“He’s four! He ain’t an infant. There’s nothin’ alike about-” his protests died as Alice gave him the most overblown puppy eyes he’d ever seen. “Oh by me grandpa’s kilt! Alright, wee one. What’s got ye so bent outta shape? Ketra, stop makin’ life difficult for Alice here.”
When Ketra realized that the alien with the facial fur and deep voice was addressing her, she gave him a moment of her attention. Afraid that it wouldn’t last, he swallowed his embarrassment and tried his hand at singing, though his song was not a nursery rhyme by any means. “Red is the rose, that in yonder garden grows. Fair is the lily of the valley. Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne, but my love is fairer than any.”
Not knowing the rest of the lyrics, he hummed the tune instead, his voice and Alice’s gentle scratching finally working as Ketra ceased attempting to escape from Alice’s grasp. By the time Lachlan made it around to the chorus again, Ketra was accepting individual pieces of grain from Alice’s fingers and chewing them slowly. Her eyes never moved from Lachlan. “Isn’t that an Irish ballad?” Alice whispered as Ketra took her breakfast, finally, in some amount of peace.
“An’ what? I can’t like it cause I’m Scottish?” Lachlan asked. “We both hate the English after all.”
“No no, of course not. I was just surprised,” Alice remarked, tilting her head as she looked at him. “Thank you. You’re really good with them.”
“Perhaps you can teach that song to me sometime,” a low voice suggested from nearby. Alice almost screamed but managed to hold it in, providing Ketra with a bit of amusement. Antoth clearly possessed a bit of Ratha’s stealth. That or the two of them had been far too concerned with the immediate problem to notice him walking up behind them. “Her feathers?”
“Oh, yes Antoth. Good morning to you,” Alice stammered, shifting Ketra so she could activate her translation program. She suddenly felt every bit as self-conscious as she had been around Ratha. “Gentia said to scratch her like that if she woke up, and your wife is over in the other room.”
“Mmm, I’ll have to make note of that as well,” the high priest said, blinking at Ketra who had become quite still in the presence of so many adults. “I hope my cubs are as polite as her when I’m around. So, am I to take this to mean that the two of you were chosen by Natori?”
“Wha- what? No, it’s nothing like that. Natori left on the resupply mission before saying anything about Gentia’s proposal. I just- yes yes sweetie, here’s another piece. Gentle now. There you go,” Alice cooed as Ketra used both of her stubby little paws to move the morsel of food to her mouth. “Sorry Antoth, I just thought it would be a nice thing to do today to come see her. With everyone else gone there isn’t much to do. Is everything fine with Ratha?”
“I hope Gentia will say so,” the black-furred Cauthan replied, crossing his arms over his chest. “You saw her today, I presume? She didn’t say anything untoward?”
“No, she didn’t say anything to me at all, really,” Alice confirmed.
Antoth breathed out a relieved sigh. “That is good. I would not say a bad word about her, but pregnancy is… an interesting challenge.”
“No need ta explain to us, Antoth. We understand,” Lachlan assured him. The Cauthan’s eyes grew a bit wider.
“Oh? I didn’t know you had cubs of your own. Are they aboard your ship?” he asked politely.
“I’m not even married, Antoth. Just saying ya have my sympathies. Pregnancy’s pretty bad on human women too.”
“You’re welcome,” Alice chipped in proudly.
“Fer what? You don’t have any either,” he ribbed her.
“Well on behalf of womankind, you’re welcome anyway. Right, Ketra? We’re the real tough ones. They don’t know what it’s like,” Alice cooed in a high pitched voice. Ketra seemed far more accepting now that the alien had established itself as a source of nourishment and comfort.
“Neither do you,” Lachlan pressed, earning Alice’s finger jabbing into his bicep.
“Well one day I will, mister. And if you’re the daddy you best believe I’ll be reminding you of this regularly!”
Antoth laughed loudly as Lachlan leaned away from Alice as far as he could. She joined in, sticking her tongue out at him. “I continue to insist that once she gets over humans in general, my mate will find you quite agreeable,” Antoth stated as Gentia and Ratha emerged from the ‘maternity ward’ of the temple. “Ratha.”
“Don’t you have something better to be doing than waiting around to see what’s wrong with me?” she demanded.
“No,” he replied firmly. Ratha’s face softened several degrees and she rested her head against his chest where his left arm met his shoulder.
“Good answer, Scarface. Our spawn is just fine,” she informed him. The humans couldn’t help but smile as Antoth’s shoulders sagged with relief.
“The tenderness on the underside of her belly is normal, as is the nausea. There is a possibility the cub may come into the world feet first, but that’s nothing we cannot handle,” Gentia reported before hardening her tone. “Do not wait next time, Huntress. Listen to your body.”
“I know my body better than anyone,” Ratha insisted hotly.
Gentia did not give an inch. “And I know pregnancy better than you ever will.”
“When you never had a cub yourself? Spare me.”
“Ratha, that’s enough!” Antoth stepped in, his voice not quite a shout. She leered at him before stalking proudly from the temple, her hand supporting the bottom of her belly. “You have my apologies, Gentia. I will ensure she returns to do the same.”
“You and I both know such a thing is pointless,” Gentia said tiredly, standing beside him. “She is afraid. Her body is betraying her. It is natural for her to behave this way. Support her as best you can.”
He growled quietly in acceptance. “I do not know what we will do when you go to the Mother’s side, Gentia.”
“One of my very capable assistants will take my place. And unlike me, she will have had cubs of her own. I was not the first, and I will not be the last, Antoth.”
“You have my apologies as well, humans. That was not something for you to see or hear.” He bowed to them all before leaving after his mate. Even Ketra was looking around silently in his wake.
“Way to read the room, wee lassie,” Lachlan congratulated her. Gentia refocused on them with a brightening expression.
“Thank you both. She seems to have taken a liking to this arrangement. Maybe the two of you can make things official at the harvest festival, hmm?” she tittered.
“Why does every Cauthan we know insist we should be gettin’ hitched?!” Lachlan lamented. Gentia poked his stomach with her cane as she explained. A small group of male cubs, including Ursol, ran past them playing what seemed to be tag.
“Because if our youth were like you, still unmated in the prime of their lives, we would die out as surely as Seil rises in the west. Ratha and Antoth are an exception, not the rule.”
Lachlan and Alice stared at one another quietly.
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2020.09.21 12:19 redtexture Options Questions Safe Haven Thread Sept 21-27 2020

For the options questions you wanted to ask, but were afraid to. There are no stupid questions, only dumb answers.   Fire away. This project succeeds via thoughtful sharing of knowledge. You, too, are invited to respond to these questions. This is a weekly rotation with past threads linked below.
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2020.09.20 22:47 StevenStevens43 Fergus I, first king of Scots

Fergus I, first king of Scots
Fergus I:
According to Scottish gaelic historian George Buchanan, Fergus I was the first king of Scots in around 330 BC.
Scholars and historians appear to misinterpret this with Buchanan saying fergus was the first king of Scotland.
But king of Scots, is not the same thing as King of Scotland.
Fergus I)
King Fergus I (said to have flourished c. 330 B.C.),[1]#cite_note-1) is generally identified as the son of Ferchard, Prince of Scots in Ireland and is the first of the line of Legendary kings of Scotland.
Link for photo
George Buchanan
Now, according to Irish legend, this boy would have been Fiacha, the son of Oengus Tuirmech Temrach, who exiled his son from Ireland.
By todays standards, Oengus Tuirmech Temrach would be considered a child molesterer, as legends attribute him to raping his own daughter whilst drunk, and this is how Fiach was born.
Also, the date would be sometime between 262-232 BC, according to Keating's.
It is the dates given by Keatings that i find most accurate with contemporary history, as shown elsewhere in previous articles.
Oengus Tuirmech Temrach
Óengus is said to have fathered Fíacha on his own daughter when drunk, and to have put him in a boat, wrapped in a purple robe with a golden fringe and accompanied by treasure, and set him out to sea – hence the epithet fer mara, "man of the sea". He was found and brought up by fishermen, and became the ancestor of several High Kings of Ireland and the later Dál Riata monarchs of Scotland. The Lebor Gabála Érenn interprets his epithet as meaning "the reckoner of Tara", saying that "by him was 'reckoning' first made in Ireland".[2] Geoffrey Keating gives his epithet as Tuirbeach, "ashamed", because of the incestuous conception of Fíacha.[3]
He reigned for thirty or sixty years, and died at Tara, succeeded by his nephew Conall Collamrach. The Lebor Gabála synchronises his reign with that of Ptolemy VI Philometor in Egypt (180–145 BC). The chronology of Keating's Foras Feasa ar Éirinn dates his reign to 262–232 BC,
Dal riata:
However, as you may have noticed above, Irish legend does not attribute Fiacha to having become king of Scotland, but merely the king of the kingdom that would later become Dal Riata, and then eventually Scotland.
He was found and brought up by fishermen, and became the ancestor of several High Kings of Ireland and the later Dál Riata monarchs of Scotland.
Link for photo
Dal Riata
Kingdom of Alba:
However, the fact that the Dal Riata became the kingdom of Scotland, is just to make it easier for the modern Latin speaker to understand.
In actual fact, Dal riata merged with the kingdom of Alba, before a unified Alba and Dal riata would become Scotland.
Dal Riata
Dál Riata or Dál Riada (also Dalriada) (/dælˈriːədə/) was a Gaelic kingdom that encompassed the western seaboard of Scotland and the north-eastern corner of Ireland, on each side of the North Channel). At its height in the 6th and 7th centuries, it covered what is now Argyll ("Coast of the Gaels") in Scotland and part of County Antrim in Northern Ireland.[1] After a period of expansion, Dál Riata eventually became associated with the Gaelic Kingdom of Alba.
Link for photo
The purple robe, gold fringe, and deep blue sea
Alba, is a kingdom which derives from the etymological root word "Albany", which was the name of the Island of britain, prior to the Roman invasion, when Albion/Britain, got pushed to North of Hadrians wall by the Romans.
After this period, Alba pertained only to the land North of Hadrians wall.
The oldest attestation of the toponym comes from the Greek language (Ἀλβίων)[6] and Latinised as Albiōn (genitive Albionis), derives from the Proto-Celtic nasal stem \Albi̯iū* (oblique \Albiion-) and survived in Old Irish as *Albu (genitive Albann). The name originally referred to Britain as a whole, but was later restricted to Caledonia (giving the modern Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland, Alba).
Picts and Albannachs:
Now, apparently the Dal Riata were merging with Scots already in Albany.
Therefore it is a myth that Scots were solely Irish.
The Scots likely arrived an Angus back when Oengus Olmucaid was said to have invaded Scotland back in the year 1000 BC approximately.
Around the same time as all the other Scandinvians likely landed on the shores of Britain and Ireland.
Also, apparently, they were here to help fight the Picts and the Britons.
But as there were no such thing as Britains at this point in history, they were more likely here to help fight Albannachs, from North of the Humber.
As well as Picts.
Fergus I)
The "first king of Scotland", according to the fictitious chronologies of Boece and Buchanan, is said to have come to Scotland from Ireland about 330 B.C. to assist the Scots already settled in Scotland against the joint attack of the Picts and Britons).
Now, we already know who the Albannachs likely are, they are the peoples that have been living in Albany North of the Humber since around 1112 BC, and are likely the exact same peoples that have been living in Loegria, south of the Humber, since 1112 BC.
But who are the Picts?
Well, the Picts are probably a peoples that got pushed farther and farther North by Albannachs, until they ended up living in a kingdom north of the Forth and Clyde.
So pretty much the Scottish highlands.
Therefore, we likely actually had six countries in Albion.
Cornwall, Loegria, Cambria, Nort Humber Land, Albany, and a kingdom that nobody recognised, Pictland.
The Picts were a group of Celtic-speaking peoples who lived in what is today eastern and northern Scotland during the Late British Iron Age and Early Medieval periods. Where they lived and what their culture was like can be inferred from early medieval texts and Pictish stones. Their Latin name, Picti, appears in written records from Late Antiquity to the 10th century. They lived to the north of the rivers Forth and Clyde.
Link for photo
Old Brythonic:
Now, there was a few differences though, between Picts and Albannachs.
Language for one.
t[2] augmented by fugitive Brythonic) resistance fighters fleeing from Britannia. This is, however, contested by the fact, that according to the book "Life of Saint Columba", the Irish emissary needed an interpreter in order to speak to the Pictish king or convert certain individual in their kingdom. The Caledonian tribe
Common Brythonic:
The fact that one "Brythonic speaker" required an interpretor to speak to another brythonic speaker, probably has to do with the fact that the Picts are likely indigenous to the Island of Albion, and pre-dated any invasions from Gaul or Scandinavia in 1112 BC, and they likely spoke a Brythonic language which was older, than any Brythonic language the Irish were using at this point in time in history.
In fact, they were probably speaking a language which pre-dated the word "Brythonic", and dated back to the days when Britain was called Albion, and is unlikely Albannachs would have named thir language Brythonic.
Common brythonic
Common Brittonic (Old English: Brytisċ; Welsh: Brythoneg; Cornish: Brythonek; Breton: Predeneg) was a Celtic language spoken in Britain and Brittany. It is also variously known as Old Brittonic, British, and Common or Old Brythonic.
It is a form of Insular Celtic, descended from Proto-Celtic (P-Celtic), a theorized parent tongue that, by the first half of the first millennium BC, was diverging) into separate dialects or languages.[2][3][4][5] Pictish is linked and likely as a sister language or a fifth branch.[6]
Tattooed people:
Also, the picts did not refer to themselves as Picts.
This was the Roman word to describe them, and the word meant "Tattooed people".
Link for photo
The Picts themselves would have likely just referred to themselves based upon whatever area or region they are from.
Pictland had previously been described by Roman writers and geographers as the home of the Caledonii.[15] These Romans also used other names to refer to tribes living in that area, including Verturiones, Taexali and Venicones.[16] But they may have heard these other names only second- or third-hand, from speakers of Brittonic or Gaulish languages, who may have used different names for the same group or groups.[17]
Link for photo
Now, Bede, the English historian, writes that Picts originated from foreign lands such as Scythia.
However this is contested by Scholars and Historians.
The Pictish Chronicle, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the early historiographers such as Bede, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Holinshed, etc. all present the Picts as conquerors of Alba from Scythia. However, no credence is now given to that view.[14]
Link for photo
Now, the fact that modern day English professors and scholars have difficulty believing that Picts could have frequented other countries aswell, likely goes back to the first ever Roman emperor, Octavius.
You see, Octavius changed his name to Augustus to "hide" his plebe genes.
Upon his adoption, Octavius assumed his great-uncle's name Gaius Julius Caesar. Roman citizens adopted into a new family usually retained their old nomen in cognomen form (e.g., Octavianus for one who had been an Octavius, Aemilianus for one who had been an Aemilius, etc.). However, though some of his contemporaries did,[34] there is no evidence that Octavius ever himself officially used the name Octavianus, as it would have made his modest origins too obvious.[35]
Link for photo
Alban Hills:
You see, the history that modern day English professors and scholars are using, is quite simply the same rhetoric that was being spread by the Romans to cover up Augustus Genes, which they felt was an embarrasment to them.
The Octavii originally came from the Volscian town of Velitrae, in the Alban Hills. The historian Suetonius writes,
Alba longa:
Now the peoples in the Alban hills, were the peoples from Alba longa, and they were the barbaric plebes that the Romans had conquered, so their first emperor having Genes that came from Alba longa, was pretty embarrassing.
Alba longa
Alba Longa (occasionally written Albalonga in Italian sources) was an ancient Latin) city in Central Italy, 12 miles (19 km) southeast of Rome, in the Alban Hills. Founder and head of the Latin League, it was destroyed by the Roman Kingdom around the middle of the 7th century BC, and its inhabitants were forced to settle in Rome.
Link for photo
Lake Albano
Tam o Shanter:
Now, the main thing that made him stand out as a plebe from Alba longa, was the fact that he had red hair.
Branches and cognomena
During the Republic, none of the Octavii of this family bore any cognomen other than Rufus, and even this is rarely mentioned. The surname, which means "red," may have been obtained by one of the Octavii because he had red hair.[7][
Link for photo
The Tam o Shanter
Red haired people:
Now, whilst many people might like to think that red hair is just something that can pop up anywhere, in actual fact, this is not quite the case.
You see, if someone has red hair, it is because they very likely have some pictish genes, as the Picts were red heads.
In AD 83 or 84, led by Calgacus, the Caledonians' defeat at the hands of Gnaeus Julius Agricola at Mons Graupius is recorded by Tacitus. Tacitus avoids using terms such as king to describe Calgacus and it is uncertain as to whether the Caledonians had single leaders or whether they were more disparate and that Calgacus was an elected war leader only. Tacitus records the physical characteristics of the Caledonians as red hair and long limbs.
Link for photo
Red haired people chasing Greeks in Greece, 340 BC
So whilst it may be correct that Picts were here before any invasions from Scythia, Bede would also be correct that there were Picts elsewhere, that almost definitely took refuge on Albion shores, amongst their fellow picts.
Also, how reliable is British history from Greeks or Italians?
Here is a map of Britain according to Ptolemy.
Link for photo
Ptolemy map of Britain
Though whilst Octavius had red hair, he also had black skin.
Augustus was born Gaius Octavius into an old and wealthy equestrian branch of the plebeian gens Octavia. His maternal great-uncle Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC,
Link for photo
Thutmose IV:
This might suggest the adopted son of Julius Caesar was from the Thutmose IV lineage, as the pharoah Thutmose IV also had reddish hair, despite being Sudanese.
Buriel and mummy
The forearms are crossed over the chest, right over left. His hair, which is parted in the middle, is about 16 cm (6.3 in) long and dark reddish-brown. His ears are also pierced. Elliot Smith estimated his age to be 25–28 years or possibly older.[23]
Link for photo
Thutmose IV
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2020.09.20 21:12 quatrotires What To Watch This Week (21-27 September)

These posts are as much for me as they are for you. So please feel free to reply with your suggestions for what to watch, and make a case for any game to be considered 'must watch', in which case I will bold it. The time zone used to sort games was LIS (Lisbon) time zone, so no, the game is not on a wrong date.
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
19:45 / 14:45 AC Milan vs Bologna Serie A
20:15 / 15:15 Wolves vs Manchester City Premier League
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
20:00 / 15:00 Krasnodar vs PAOK Champions League Play-off round
20:00 / 15:00 Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Red Bull Salzburg Champions League Play-off round
20:00 / 15:00 Slavia Praha vs FC Midtjylland Champions League Play-off round
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
19:45 / 14:45 Leicester City vs Arsenal EFL Cup Round of 32
20:00 / 15:00 KAA Gent vs Dynamo Kyiv Champions League Play-off round
23:15 / 18:15 Atlético Paranaense vs Colo-Colo Copa Libertadores Group C
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
18:00 / 13:00 Beşiktaş vs Rio Ave Europa League 3rd qualifying round
18:00 / 13:00 Malmö FF vs Lokomotiva Zagreb Europa League 3rd qualifying round
18:00 / 13:00 Rosenborg vs Alanyaspor Europa League 3rd qualifying round
19:00 / 14:00 Galatasaray vs Hajduk Split Europa League 3rd qualifying round
19:30 / 14:30 St. Gallen vs AEK Athens Europa League 3rd qualifying round
19:45 / 14:45 Manchester City vs Bournemouth EFL Cup Round of 32
20:00 / 15:00 Sporting CP vs Aberdeen Europa League 3rd qualifying round
20:00 / 15:00 Bayern München vs Sevilla UEFA Super Cup
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
19:00 / 14:00 FC Twente vs FC Groningen Eredivisie
19:30 / 14:30 Hertha Berlin vs Eintracht Frankfurt Bundesliga
20:00 / 15:00 Lille OSC vs Nantes Ligue 1
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
12:30 / 7:30 Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United Premier League
14:00 / 9:00 Torino vs Atalanta Serie A
14:30 / 9:30 Bayer 04 Leverkusen vs RB Leipzig Bundesliga
16:00 / 11:00 Saint-Étienne vs Stade Rennais Ligue 1
19:45 / 14:45 Internazionale vs Fiorentina Serie A
20:00 / 15:00 Olympique de Marseille vs Metz Ligue 1
20:00 / 15:00 Ajax vs Vitesse Eredivisie
20:00 / 15:00 Real Betis vs Real Madrid La Liga
21:00 / 16:00 Boavista vs FC Porto Primeira Liga
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
12:00 / 7:00 Bordeaux vs OGC Nice Ligue 1
14:00 / 9:00 Tottenham Hotspur vs Newcastle United Premier League
14:00 / 9:00 Napoli vs Genoa Serie A
14:30 / 9:30 1899 Hoffenheim vs Bayern München Bundesliga
15:00 / 10:00 Celtic vs Hibernian Scottish Premiership
16:00 / 11:00 Bournemouth vs Norwich City Championship
16:30 / 11:30 Manchester City vs Leicester City Premier League
17:00 / 12:00 CSKA Moskva vs Lokomotiv Moskva Premier League
17:00 / 12:00 Galatasaray vs Fenerbahçe Turkey - Süper Lig
19:00 / 14:00 West Ham United vs Wolves Premier League
19:45 / 14:45 AS Roma vs Juventus Serie A
20:00 / 15:00 Stade Reims vs Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1
20:00 / 15:00 Barcelona vs Villarreal La Liga
21:00 / 16:00 Rio Ave vs Vitória de Guimarães Primeira Liga
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